Landlord - Tenant Relationship

Tenant Responsibilities: Rental Rules for Tenancy Agreements

In this article, we explain some of the mandatory rules to help reign in your tenants and reap in rental revenue.

Drawing up a Sublease Agreement

A sublease can benefit your business. If you choose to sublet, create a document with all the terms and conditions.

Eco-Friendly Products for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

These top-of-the-line eco-friendly cleaning products will leave any rental property looking clean and smelling amazing.

5 Pragmatic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is one area that will receive a lot of traffic. Here are five ideas to ensure this space is functional.

6 Best Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Do you want to create a beautiful living space? Here are six ideas to help you create stylish and trendy properties.

6 Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

Do you want stylish and trendy properties? Here are six decorating ideas for living rooms you should consider.

Good Tenants Start With a Good Credit Score

Not sure what a good credit score is? These scores will help you identify the best renters and find them for your unit.

Different Types of Short Term Leases

What type of contract is best for your rental properties? Here are short-term lease options and the pros and cons.

Modernist Design Elements In Your Apartment

Modern design is in right now. Here are some easy modern interior design ideas to help property owners nail the look.

AC Maintenance Tips For Your Rental Unit

Investing in AC maintenance will ensure that property owners don’t end up footing the bill on any unnecessary repairs.

Average Cost to Replace Apartment Windows

There are a few reasons you may want to replace your windows, including improving efficiency, acoustics, and aesthetics.

What Tenants Need to Know About California’s Deposit Law

New to property management in California? Here’s what you need to know about the regulations of the rental industry.

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