Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Space and Balcony Gardens in the Spotlight

Outdoor space is a sought-after rental feature. Make the most of it! It can dramatically increase your rental yields.

Dinner Party Ready: Useful Kitchen Essentials to Complete Your Apartment

Equip your kitchen with these important must-haves. They'll come in handy when hosting one person or a whole party.

6 Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

Do you want stylish and trendy properties? Here are six decorating ideas for living rooms you should consider.

6 Best Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Do you want to create a beautiful living space? Here are six ideas to help you create stylish and trendy properties.

5 Pragmatic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is one area that will receive a lot of traffic. Here are five ideas to ensure this space is functional.

Modernist Design Elements In Your Apartment

Modern design is in right now. Here are some easy modern interior design ideas to help property owners nail the look.

Where to Put Upholstered Chairs In Your Apartment

Upholstered chairs can easily be integrated into almost any room to add a splash of color and a warm and inviting feel.

4 Spots for Ceiling Fixtures in Your Apartment

Thoughtfully considered ceiling fixtures will go a long way to improve the overall look and feel of a rental property.

Move Out Cleaning Costs to Budget For

Preparing for new tenants? Here are the move out cleaning expenses landlords need to plan for during tenant changeovers.

7 Ideas for Creative Wallpaper

Looking to jazz up your home or property? Wanting your tenant to feel at home? Consider applying some creative wallpaper.

3 Reasons to Put Large Mirrors in the Bathroom

Whether you live in a studio or a three bedroom, you’re going to enjoy the benefits that additional mirrors provide.

Tips for How to Clean Painted Walls

No one wants a stain on their nicely painted walls. These tips will help you keep your walls looking spotless every day.

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