Apartment Security Systems and Other Security Gadgets

October 22, 2018

Coming home to a secure place is the foundation of a good night’s sleep. That’s why security is a key consideration for most renters. You can make them feel more at-ease by installing apartment security systems as well.

Install top-quality security systems with all the most effective security gadgets. In doing this, renters will be more likely to choose your apartment than others in the area. Below we cover some of the most effective security gadgets for apartments that are available today. Learn how you can use them to your advantage to create a safer and more user-friendly space.


Install a laser tripwire

One feature that apartment security systems can really benefit from is laser tripwires. These advanced gadgets are relatively affordable. They make sure that intruders get noticed right away. You can install tripwire systems anywhere in the house. An alarm will sound the moment an intruder crosses through the invisible barrier. Some systems even take a photo of the intruder. The photo saves to your security system for the police to use.


Wireless security cameras

a white wireless security camera on the ceiling

All of the best apartment security systems include some form of wireless cameras. The cameras connect to a receiver and record footage of everything that happens around your home. With the cameras in position, you can easily see any intruders that are in your space. Wireless cameras are good because they are more difficult for an intruder to deactivate. For example, an intruder could easily pull out or cut a wire. There isn’t much they can do for a wireless one. Good, reliable, wireless security systems will trigger a remote alarm. The alarm will notify the police department that your home has been broken into. From there the intruder only has a small window of time to get out before getting caught.


Consider installing memory switches

Most intruders won’t attempt a burglary when it seems that the owners are home. Memory switches are a simple way to achieve that look even when you aren’t there. You can install smart switches in any outlet of your home. It will essentially turn lights, appliances, and other electronic devices on and off. It is all done through a timer system. These switches can be varied each day to appear realistic. They give your home a lived-in look that will stop many intruders from ever trying in the first place. Looking for a simple way to make your home less approachable? Memory switches are a good place to start. Furthermore, when you arrive home your property will already be lit up.


A barking alarm

man installing a white alarm keypad on the wall of a house

While it might seem a bit gimmicky, consider a barking alarm. The sound of a large barking dog is often enough to scare would-be intruders away from entering your home. This special alarm system has a sensor positioned at the front door. When the person walks out in front of your door the alarm will trigger. The recording will slowly get angrier and more aggressive. Above all, these alarms are quite convincing and will make many intruders second guess breaking in.


Window alarms

It’s common for intruders to break through windows to get inside. Standard security systems will often miss this type of intrusion. That’s where window alarms come in. Get window alarms that are compatible with your apartment security systems. When the system is on, it will trigger windows that are broken or opened. If an intruder breaks into your space through a window, rest assured that you’ll get a warning.

Renters want to feel safe and secure. Investing in apartment security systems is a good way to make people feel safer about staying in your space. Finding and installing the right system can be time-consuming. However, it’s worth the investment to help get more quality renters to consider staying there.

Don’t have time to search for the best renters? No patience for things like maintenance and repairs for your space? Consider handing off these tasks to a property management company like Blueground. Connect with one of our Blueground service associates to find out how you can maximize the potential of your rental apartment. Tenants in our apartments have access to a mobile application. The app includes a direct connection to local law enforcement. Also, our Client Experience team is available around the clock.

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