Apartment Staging: 5 Tricks to Make Your Place Look Move-in Ready

October 17, 2018

As a landlord trying to make your space stand out to renters, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is apartment staging. Many apartment owners make the mistake of showing off empty units to potential renters. It’s much more effective to stage the apartment to make it look as glamorous and spacious as possible. The right staging techniques will make your space seem more valuable and will help the renters see possibilities for living in the space themselves. We’ve put together five useful tricks and tips to help you get the most from apartment staging. Utilize them to make your space stand out from all the competition.


Use floating furniture groupings

Don’t fall for the mistaken belief that furniture pressed up against the wall makes spaces seem larger when apartment staging. Instead, use floating furniture groupings when laying out the home furnishings. In other words, move all the furniture away from the wall, and lay it out in a clear and functional way. Set the living room up in a conversational group with a coffee table, chairs and the sofa facing one another. Use this same technique for dining rooms, sunrooms and other social sections of the home. By moving furniture away from the walls, you actually make space seem larger. Set up the entire apartment in a formation that’s as neat and functional as possible. This will make it much more desirable than a bare or sparsely furnished layout will. Most importantly, it will make your property stand out.


Utilize non-functional space

Transform those little extra bits of space into functional sections of your apartment with clever furniture additions. An unused nook or alcove in your living room or at the end of a hall can be transformed into a small workstation, a reading nook or a coffee bar. Highlight the utility of your apartment without cluttering it with simple furniture additions. That’s the key to effective apartment staging that’s going to make more people want to rent the space.

a cozy window-bench with three pillows, books and a hot beverage

The worst thing you can do is to leave a small space open in an effort to try and make your apartment seem more spacious. That little open space will likely go unnoticed completely. By making use of this bit of space in a useful way, you’re giving future renters a look into the possibilities of the space.


Incorporate proper lighting

The most inviting spaces are properly lit spaces. While it’s good to make the most of natural light when showing off an apartment, not everyone is going to view your space in the middle of the day. This is where lighting becomes so important. Try to achieve about 100 watts of light per 50 square feet of your space for welcome lighting that will draw people in. To do this best you should split your lighting up into different types. Utilize overhead ambient lighting, pendant lights, and freestanding lamps to achieve balanced lighting throughout your space.


Use interesting and stylish accessories

Decorating a rental home is an art. The worst thing you can do when apartment staging is to add in a bunch of furniture without any accessories. This makes your space look neutral and a bit cold. Instead, add in approximately three accessories per surface whenever possible. Expert stagers know to lay out the accessories in a triangle formation with a larger item farther back and the two smaller objects closer up whenever possible. Try varying the accessories you use and avoid straight lines for the most welcoming feel. Keep your target tenant in mind. If you are renting to tons of business professionals, the rental should look slightly more corporate. 


Create a welcoming bedroom

Whether they realize it or not, most renters will be looking closely at the bedroom when deciding whether or not they like an apartment. To take advantage of this, really focus your efforts on the bedroom when apartment staging. Get a glamorous and modern frame for your bed. Dress up the bed with luxuriously soft and smooth linens and go with a neutral, but welcoming color scheme throughout the room that will make visitors want to stay and relax. If you can’t afford to get an all-new mattress and you have a worn-out bed that needs replacing, just invest in a nice frame and put on a thick air mattress that you dress up with linens, renters won’t know the difference while walking through. Create a bedroom that draws renters in and they won’t want to leave your apartment.

a cozy and stylish bedroom

Proper apartment staging makes all the difference and can help draw in the right kind of renters. Unfortunately, it’s still quite a bit of work and not something that every landlord wants to deal with. At Blueground we can help with staging, promoting and managing your apartment, giving you access to some of the best kinds of renters without the work involved. We also offer advanced guest support to renters, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Looking to take the work out of running an apartment or a rental? Our team is happy to let you know how we can help carry the load of landlord work.

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