5 Pragmatic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

June 1, 2019

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in a home. As a landlord, this means you need to create a space that is functional, stylish, and beautiful.

Even if you have very little space, you want to design an area that makes sense for your tenants and that they don’t dread walking into each day.

To help you design and decorate this highly trafficked area, here are five pragmatic bathroom decorating ideas you should consider for each of your properties.


1. Add additional lighting

A dark and poorly lit area is not going to be attractive to tenants. It may make them avoid the room altogether.

As you consider bathroom decorating ideas for your rentals, you must consider the lighting in the room.

Is it sufficient for all times of the day? Does the current light create a weird skin tone on the tenants?

Consider that people will use the bathroom mirror often, and so the lighting should help them to see how they actually look.

Updating and installing additional lighting in this area of the home is not very difficult and does not take much time. You can replace all old and worn-out light fixtures with more modern, energy-efficient products. Look for fixtures that also match the style and theme of the room.

For example, if an area of your home is very minimalistic, choose simple light fixtures.

However, if you truly want to create a statement piece, replace your current light fixtures with an item that stands out and will become the focal point in the room.


2.   Choose a mirror wisely

white and grey themed bathroom

One of the most important items in this bathroom is the mirror. This one item is used multiple times throughout the day and by every tenant.

As you consider bathroom decorating ideas, focus on the mirror. Replace a boring square mirror with a circle one or place a decorative frame around your current one. This provides an updated and trendy look.

Plus, when you choose the right mirror size, it will make the room appear large and professionally designed.


3. Use decorative storage options

Don’t overcrowd the bathroom. When there are too many items laying on the counters, floors, or other surfaces of the room, it will make the room appear cramped and cluttered. You can prevent this from happening by using decorative storage options.

For example, by installing corner shelves, you maximize space and create many storage areas for towels and extra toiletries.

There are many decorative storage options to consider for this room of your home. You may want to use decorative baskets to set on large shelves or in a corner of the floor.

If floor space is limited, consider hanging shelves, baskets, or small tabletops from the ceiling.


4. Get rid of the towel racks

A unique bathroom decorating idea is to get rid of the towel racks. While these can be excellent products to help keep towels off the floor, if you have limited space, they may not be ideal. Just one towel rack can take up space along an entire wall in the room.

Instead, consider installing various hooks. This way you can place four or five hooks on the wall, rather than use a towel rack. Hooks allow you to hang up multiple towels at once.

You can place these hooks behind the door or at different levels, which can add even more aesthetic appeal to the room.


5. Don’t forget the accessories

As you decorate the bathroom, you want to be picky about the items you include in the space.  By being smart with many of the accessories you include, you will create an area that tenants will love to spend time in.

For example, be selective about your towels. Choose towels that are large and fluffy.

You can also include bathroom rugs. The right rugs will add color to the room and act as a safety measure to keep the floor from becoming too wet and slippery.

white towels on wooden plate

Other possible accessories include various plants and greenery, colorful shower curtains, window treatments, etc. Just be careful that you don’t overdo it and fill the space with too many unnecessary items.

As a landlord, you want tenants to fall in love with your place and stay for a long time.

Naturally, you want them to be comfortable and the space to be as functional as possible. When you work with a company like Blueground, they transform your empty property into a fully furnished living space.

Not only will every inch of the apartment be functional, beautiful, and trendy, but it will have all the comforts of home. Start attracting the highest caliber of tenants by partnering with Blueground.

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