4 Spots for Ceiling Fixtures in Your Apartment

April 25, 2019

Ceiling fixtures are an element of design that is often overlooked by landlords. Too many rental units feature unattractive overhead lighting that gives the property an overall dumpy look. 

By contrast, providing gorgeous overhead lighting is one of the best ways for property owners to set their apartment apart from the pack, and increase the overall property value.

Lighting is an often-underestimated secret weapon. Especially when it comes to providing an attractive and marketable atmosphere and ambiance in any type of space.

When it comes to providing great lighting, overhead lighting is step one.

Not only does smartly designed overhead lighting give landlords a perfect design canvas to build off of, but well-thought-out ceiling fixtures will create a fundamental light source to lift the mood and vibe of the entire space.

kitchen in a new york city apartment

That’s why Blueground apartments are always outfitted with stylish overhead lighting options that are designed to make an apartment more appealing and manageable.

Qualified experts will handle every aspect of the design so that landlords don’t have to take on the added stress of becoming decorators.


Four key spots to mount overhead lighting:

1. Over the living room or common area

Living rooms and common areas provide adequate space to get creative and add a variety of textured ceiling fixtures.

The only rule to keep in mind? Property owners should aim to keep lighting evenly spaced at three triangular points. This includes floor and wall lighting as well.

2. Above the bathroom counter

When it comes to mounting overhead lighting in the bathroom, it is important for landlords to keep in mind that anybody getting ready early in the morning or evening will want strong lighting.

Therefore, the bathroom is a perfect place to mount a low-hanging pendant light over the vanity counter or sink.

Just be sure it falls to the side of the sink so nobody will bump their head. It will not only create an attractive focal point but provide targeted lighting that tenants can use when getting ready.

3. On a low ceiling

Mounting fixtures on a low roof might seem a bit counterintuitive.

After all, doesn’t it seem that light on the ceiling will only bring attention to the fact that it is low?

The answer is not necessarily.

If a property owner chooses a type of overhead light that works within the confines of the space, it can actually make the ceiling look higher.

The ideal solution in this scenario is a flush-mount overscale and even-shaped light. This will not only add depth and dimension but also be an attractive focal point to a room.

Meanwhile, choosing flush mounting will ensure that nobody ends up accidentally bumping their head.

Or having to navigate their way around the light. No matter what type of overhead lighting a property owner chooses for their low ceiling, they should always avoid any low-hanging light source in this type of scenario.

4. Over a dining area or workspace

A focal point like a dining room table or work desk is an ideal location to experiment with dramatic overhead lighting options.

Whether it be a show-stopping set of drop-down lights or a classic chandelier, focal points serve as ideal locations for landlords to make a statement with their lighting choices.


General tips for overhead lighting:

black lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling

  • Use dimmers: Dimmers are a great way to add depth, dimension, and mood, not to mention practicality, while keeping lighting minimal.
  • Layer lighting options: Once stylish and functional overall lighting is in place, property owners have the essential backbone they need to experiment with other lighting options including floor lighting, wall-mounted light, and task lighting.

Layering lighting options will add depth and dimension and a harmonious feel to almost any space.

  • Keep function in mind: When choosing the bulb for overhead lighting, always keep in mind what a room or space will be used for and the best lighting conditions that will help tenants get the most out of the space.

Soft lighting can give a relaxed feel to a bedroom or living area. While brighter, clear tones will be better served in areas that require good visibility like the kitchen or an office. Fluorescent lights can be a great way to minimize energy costs. Property owners should also keep in mind that they require a particular type of ballast to work with a dimmer.

  • Try out a stylized light bulb: A great way to jazz up a boring light is to try out a stylized bulb. These bulbs come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures and are designed to steal the show. So be sure to aim for a light with a minimalistic design.

Looking for an ideal solution to design your rental apartment in a way that will increase the property value?

When property owners team up with Blueground, we take care of design, repairs, and finding reliable short-term business tenants.

Landlords can rest assured that they will retain a steady income flow without having to worry about the usual headaches that come with owning property.

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