6 Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

July 1, 2019

No matter if you have a large and spacious living room or tiny and cramped quarters, you can create a beautiful, relaxing, and comfortable area for all of your tenants. You can create a space that is trendy and popular and that all renters will love to see when they walk in the door each night. As you consider decorating ideas for living rooms, here are several ideas to get you started.


1. Choose light colors

Color will make all the difference in an indoor living space. Colors that are too bold and rich may create an area that feels overwhelming. They may also make a room look small and crowded. Instead, you’ll want to choose paint colors that are neutral and light. This not only helps brighten up the room but these colors go well with several styles and décor. In fact, many tenants prefer them over those dark and overpowering color options. If you choose lighter colors for your space, consider light blues, yellows, creams, grays, etc.


2.  Add colorful accessories

As you consider various decorating ideas for the living room, pay attention to the many accessories you place around the room. While you may choose light and neutral colors on the walls, you can brighten up the space and use bright and bold colors on the curtains, throw pillows, and other fabrics. For example, consider placing pillows with deep reds, blues, and greens on the couch. You may also use colorful vases or wall art to add even more contrast to the space.

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3. Include plants

buckets of plants and greenery sitting on the table in a furnished apartment

Including various house plants throughout the apartment is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. House plants offer many benefits and they add greenery and texture to any dull and boring area. They also help reduce stress and boost energy levels. The right house plants can also remove toxins in the air and increase the humidity in a room. If you are concerned that your tenants will not take care of the houseplants, there are many that are very low maintenance and forgiving. A few houseplant choices you may consider include the Spider Plant, ZZ Plant, Peace Lily, and Pothos.


4. Hang a mirror

As you sort through your many decorating ideas for living rooms, consider the items you want to hang on the wall. A simple but effective wall décor item is a mirror. A mirror with a decorative frame will not only become a statement piece in any room but it will also help brighten up the environment and make it appear larger. However, if you choose a mirror, make sure it is the appropriate size for the wall. If you have a small mirror, consider placing it on a floating shelf. This will help you reap the benefits, without making it appear out of place.


5. Consider furniture items wisely

As you decorate this area, you need to carefully consider the furniture items around the room. Add items that are not only stylish and trendy but that are also comfortable and inviting for all your tenants. Your renters deserve to come home to a relaxing environment and the right furniture items will provide that feeling.

grey striped wall room with modern dining set and brown wood furniture

In addition to thinking of several decorating ideas for living rooms, you should also consider the placement of the furniture items. The right layout will help the space appear large and open. If space allows, place the furniture items away from the walls as this gives off the illusion of more open space. If you are considering placing an area rug on the floor, make sure this is the right size for the room as rugs that are too large will also make the room appear smaller.


6. Avoid cluttering the room

While you want to create a cozy and home-like living environment for all of your renters, you also don’t want to place too many items in the room. When you clutter a room with unnecessary furniture items, particularly large items, you make the room appear small and cramped. It is not as relaxing and more difficult for your tenants to get comfortable If you are worried about cluttering the room, stick with the essential items such as a comfortable couch, a few chairs, side tables, and a lamp. A minimalistic style may be ideal if the room itself is too small to prevent cluttering the space.

Finding the best decoration ideas for living rooms doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or difficult process. By using the above ideas and some of your own, you can easily create a space that all of your tenants will love.

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