5 Design Ideas for Studio Apartments

October 8, 2018

Designing NYC studio apartments can be tricky. Studio apartments don’t offer a whole lot of extra space, even though that’s what your tenants are looking for. Therefore, it takes some creativity to provide an attractive apartment that feels roomy at the same time. Most renters prefer living spaces that are both comfortable and stylish. It is important to design your studio apartment with your tenants’ best interests in mind.

So, aside from a fresh coat of paint, what else can you do? What kind of design ideas would your tenants be most excited about? How can you make your studio apartment the most functional? Though it may seem like a difficult and daunting task, it’s actually simple to implement some budget-friendly designs that will leave your tenants feeling right at home.  Here are five tips that can help you get started:


Wall lamps

one large green accent wall next to a large window overlooking tall high rise buildings. There is a large bed in the center of the room with white pillows, sheets and a blue throw blanket on top

Rather than using floor space or table space for traditional lamps, pick out some bright lamps that can be attached directly to the walls. Track lighting can be used to direct light to all the different parts of the studio. Likewise, some sleek wall sconces can be placed on both sides of the bed, over the nightstands, to provide light for reading.


Provide storage in unusual places

Provide your tenants with more space by purchasing a bed that has drawers in it, or putting a normal bed on risers to provide instant extra storage room where they sleep. Divide the room with a backless bookshelf. Place a few eye-catching decorative pieces in various places on the shelf for a pop of color. Furnish a sofa bed in lieu of a regular couch. This can provide extra sleeping arrangements for guests, as well as the tenants. Hang a pot rack in the kitchen to display all kitchen pans and utensils. This can help separate the kitchen from the living area, while also emptying a cabinet. Hang over-the-door hooks, along with a few shoe and jewelry organizers on doors. Let your tenants see how they can fully take advantage of the living space. Utilize window sills to display some decorative pieces or books. Hang wall shelving.


Utilize mirrors

Another great way to make tenants feel they live in a larger space is by placing mirrors in strategic areas. Hang mirrors in areas that face windows. For example, in the entrance to your studio, in your kitchen, or anywhere else that may be of value. Mirrors come in an array of styles to fit any theme. From sleek and modern, to chic, to traditional, mirrors play a big role in the overall design. You can also bring in some mirrored or acrylic furniture. Be careful though. You don’t want to fill the space with too many large, overbearing items either.


Leave some space

Since studio apartments are already small, you don’t want to overuse decor and bring in too many furniture pieces. Keep the apartment simple, comfortable and efficient. Leave a good walking path around all furnishings in the studio. Free up space in the bedroom area, by placing the bedroom dresser and mirror inside the closet. This can help give the bedroom a more spacious feel. Install a medicine cabinet on the wall in the bathroom to eliminate the need for another furniture item. Rip out carpets, and opt for hard flooring. Hard floors provide a little extra space, and they give the illusion of extra room too. Select a table that can be folded down on the sides, or contains sections that can be stored away underneath. Choose kitchen chairs that can fold up and stay stashed until they are needed. Some tables have storage drawers, which can be very handy for storing silverware, napkins, and plates. Rather than placing a television directly on a piece of furniture, mount it on the wall. This will eliminate the need for a stand and free up clutter.


Bring in some plants

a pink watering can is pouring water into a brown pot with a green plant growing inside. On either side are two more green plants in brown pots

Lastly, plants can make any studio apartment feel more like home. Bring in a bit of the outdoors, and let the light shine in from your windows. Bright flowers can improve your mood and increase productivity. Plants will also filter the air in your studio apartment while providing comfort and style too.  Throw in a tiny kitchen herb garden that can be used for cooking, while also adding flair. If you don’t want to worry about taking care of the plants, consider some artificial ones, which will provide the same look.


In conclusion

While your studio apartment may not be very spacious, it is easy to make it look stylish, comfy and larger than it actually is. By incorporating these easy and inexpensive design techniques, you can improve your chances of renting your studio apartment.

If this still feels beyond your level of expertise or is not something you really want to deal with yourself, Blueground can help. When working with Blueground, you can feel confident that you’ll get a beautiful furniture upgrade. When your property gets leased out, our interior design team will furnish the unit with amenities and decor. All furnishings are tailored to each space. Landlords also get the opportunity to keep the new look at the end of the rental contract with Blueground.

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