Finesse Meets Function: Top 10 Functional Furniture Ideas for a Downtown Pad

October 22, 2018

City living is all about being in the heart of the action. Unfortunately, living in the dead center of any downtown isn’t easy. Currently, most city spaces are compact and costly. Alternatively, potential renters are interested in maximizing their space as much as possible. As a landlord, it’s helpful to understand functional furniture and how it can make a space stand out. You will need to maximize your space as much as possible. Have a look below for ten functional furniture ideas that can transform your unit.


1. Add a shelf lamp

white dresser with drawers with a stack of books on the top right corner with a white lamp on the top left corner. Behind, there is a plain white wall.

Floor lamps and shelves are of course functional, but they can take up a lot of space. Try working in some free-standing shelves with multi-tier storage space. These practical pieces of furniture occupy little space and serve several purposes at the same time.


2. Use a closet mirror for added space

One piece of functional furniture that every downtown pad should have is a full-length mirror in the closet. This versatile item gives tenants tons of extra space. They can store shoes or other small objects that would take up extra space in the apartment. Find a full-sized mirror that opens up to showcase shelves and you have a very useful addition to your urban center rental.


3. Fold-out tables and chairs

Space is growing more and more limited in the city. Therefore, an essential element of functional furniture is fold-out tables and chairs. These cool pieces fold nearly flat when not in use and can be stored away in a closet or behind existing furniture. They can easily be folded out for valuable seating space when entertaining guests. Then just tuck them away the rest of the time for maximum space.


4. The couch armrest table

Another nice addition to a furnished apartment is a couch armrest table. This simple product sits over top of the armrest on a couch to transform it into a mini table. It’s excellent for holding drinks, electronic devices and other objects that benefit from a flat surface. Renters can pop this item out when they’re using the couch and tuck it back in out of the way when they aren’t.


5. Sofa bed

a girl lays down on a sofa bed with her puppy

This piece of functional furniture has been a staple in homes for decades, but the sofa bed or fold-out couch that you can get today is often far superior to products sold years ago. It’s possible to get delightfully comfortable fold-out furniture complete with a memory foam mattress today. Invest and give your tenants a place for their guests to rest when a guest room isn’t available. Most downtown apartments today just don’t have guest space, and a sofa bed is a simple solution for that issue in a furnished apartment.


6. The storage stepladder

Step ladders are a bit of a luxury in city center apartments where space is at a premium. Closet space is often at a premium and most apartments are in need of a bit more storage. A storage stepladder is a good solution to add to a smaller closet or a closet with lots of vertical space that requires a ladder to access. These ladders serve as stairs, as a quick seat and they come with slide-out drawers for storage. They’re the best use of limited closet space.


7. A wall-mounted desk

Work desks are a real privilege in many apartments, but more and more people are starting to work from home. The solution to this problem is a simple wall-mounted desk. These lightweight desks mount right to the wall and fold out to create a platform just the right size for a laptop to sit on. Add on a folding chair and you have a lightweight workstation. How’s that for functional furniture?


8. Lift-top coffee tables

While most professionals would agree that working from a sofa isn’t ideal, a lift-top coffee table is still a useful bit of functional furniture that helps create more functional workspace when a traditional desk isn’t possible. It’s a hollow coffee table with a storage compartment big enough for a laptop, tablet, keyboard, and mouse. Renters can lift up the top and have a functional desk to get work done on. When they’re finished they can put it back and enjoy a standard coffee table once again.


9. The wall bed

Want to advertise that your furnished apartment will sleep more, but don’t have space for a guest bedroom? A wall bed is an ideal tool for the task. A quality wall bed folds up flat against the wall and pops out to reveal a twin, full or queen-sized bed when it’s needed. These beds can be installed easily and take up minimal space when they aren’t in use. Some are even designed to function as stylish shelves when not in use.


10. Extendable table

One issue that many big city residents have is hosting company for dinner. A good extendable table is a piece of functional furniture that could act as a selling point for a furnished rental. These tables are compact during normal everyday use and stretch out when it’s time to entertain guests and serve up Thanksgiving dinner in the heart of the city.

A family is in their kitchen sitting around the table

Living in an urban core comes with its benefits, but also some serious drawbacks. Space is one of those drawbacks. By using some of the functional furniture ideas above, you can make your furnished rental stand out above the rest and attract more interested renters. You’ll be amazed at how some of these pieces can make such a big impact on your space. If you want help with managing and renting out your downtown space from experienced professionals that understand how to remain competitive in such an intense environment, contact Blueground for property management help. We’ll work to maximize your space and command the best rental prices for it while handling the legwork so you don’t have to. Get in touch with Blueground to make the most of your rental for the best possible payout with less effort to manage it.

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