Find a Tenant by Furnishing Your Rental

October 17, 2018

As a landlord, the main goal is to find a tenant for your property. If you are looking to snap up high-caliber tenants, be aware that furniture can be a deal-breaker. The appearance of your property impacts the type of tenant you will attract. It also impacts occupancy rates and the value of rental income. First of all, before changing anything else about your tenant screening procedure, take a look at the furniture in your property. 

Here are 3 reasons why you will find a tenant by furnishing your rental:


1. Corporate tenants seek the full package

Being globally mobile, corporate tenants expect property owners to provide ready-to-go living spaces. A fully equipped property will save potential tenants time and money. Since they are seeking a home away from home, sourcing appropriate interiors for medium and long-term stays is important. Interior expectations of corporate tenants include fully-furnished rooms, appliances, and high-quality tech elements. Taking the time to plan the layout and invest in the furniture will assure cohesion in the interior design concept. Also, targeting tenants longterm. Tenants usually expect the furniture to be reflective of the rental price. Therefore, an increased rental income can be achieved with quality furnishings.  

a couple lay back on a yellow couch to watch TV

So, you have invested in the essential furnishings for your property. Now you can consider adding more economical home decor and styling improvements, such as a fresh coat of paint or luxury bed linens. Looking to make more a substantial investment in your property to find a tenant? Consider what amenities are in-demand for your rental location. For example, properties in hotter climates will require air conditioning.


2. The interior of your property is a marketing tool

A carefully designed interior layout will help you find a tenant. You can tailor the home staging to the lifestyle and tastes of your target tenant. The strategic use of furniture can transform the space and marketability of your property. Opt for matching contemporary furnishings with a modern layout to appeal to corporate tenants. A property furnished to a high standard will also photograph well for advertorial purposes.

If you need a helping hand in this area, consider investing in property management services. At Blueground, we understand the importance of finding a tenant by being commercially competitive. Especially in a sector where furnished, serviced apartments are an alternative to hotels. We work with a professional interior design team to fully furnish and decorate our properties. We also invest in professional photography to optimize the presentation of our listings.


3. Simplified property maintenance for tenants and landlords

a handyman is fixing a white piece of furniture

Furnishing can reduce property maintenance for both parties. Furniture installation and removal can cause cosmetic wear and tear and even structural damage. Furnishing your rental property allows you to keep an accurate inventory. Also, it makes it easier to avoid the accumulation of clutter left by previous tenants. Being a landlord means being responsible for maintaining and replacing items. Above all, it is smart to invest in high-quality, classic pieces that work well in the allotted space. To alleviate the hassle, Blueground handles all maintenance issues as property managers. 

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