3 Reasons to Put Large Mirrors in the Bathroom

April 5, 2019

Every interior design expert agrees that mirrors are good. Exactly what mirrors you should be using and where you should be placing them is still debated amongst them, but they all recognize that mirrors play an extremely important role in the design of a property.

It is not just enough to use any type of mirror though. Figuring out what the right type is, is not always easy.

When it comes to bathrooms, large mirrors tend to be the frontrunner for what interior designers recommend. This is for a number of reasons, all of which come together to make your property look so much better.


1) They are ideal for bathrooms with more than one occupant

Anyone who lives with a spouse, siblings, or friends knows that sharing a bathroom can be extremely annoying. This is mostly because trying to get ready at the same time in a bathroom, especially a small bathroom, is extremely difficult.

However, when two people have to get up for work at the same time and only have one bathroom on the property, this situation cannot be avoided.

Only having one sink and one set of outlets is hard enough, but only having one mirror can be even worse. This is because most bathrooms that only have one sink tend to have a small vanity mirror hanging above it.

In a mirror this size, two people are not able to both fit into view at the same time unless they are shoulder to shoulder.

a light brown marble bathroom

One way to solve this dilemma is to take down that small vanity mirror and start using large mirrors instead. That way both people are able to fit into the view of the mirror while not invading each other’s space.

Sure they will still probably fight over the sink and electrical usage, but this is at least one less thing that they will have to worry about.


2) They increase the amount of light in the room

Poor lighting conditions are a problem in many bathrooms, even those that have a window in them. This is because the bathroom usually only has one set of lighting that is placed directly above the sink.

Also, this does not provide significant lighting anywhere but the immediate area surrounding the sink.

a white bathroom with a large mirror

Large mirrors are able to combat this problem by reflecting much more light than any small mirror possibly could. This effect is amplified even further when there is natural light coming through a bathroom window.

By having more light throughout the bathroom, the tenants are able to get a much better view of themselves while getting ready for the day.

This way, they can avoid embarrassing mishaps that tend to happen when applying makeup or styling hair because they could not see properly.

Natural light can actually end up boosting the mood of the tenants. It contains high concentrations of vitamin D, which is a vital nutrient for humans to get.

Not only does it help our bodies absorb calcium, but it has also been shown to relieve symptoms of depression and improve weight loss. This will greatly improve the mood of the renter and therefore make them happier with your property and more likely to want to stay.


3) They give the illusion of more space

When your property happens to be a small one like a studio apartment, large mirrors in the bathroom can go a long way in making the available space seem bigger.

By placing even one big mirror in the bathroom, you can help to significantly expand the appearance of the space.

a small brown bathroom with a large mirror above the sink and the toilet

This effect becomes magnified even further when you include more than one big mirror or a mix of a big mirror and several smaller mirrors in the bathroom.

Suddenly, it creates this ricochet of reflections that create the illusion of massive space.

While the bathroom space will not actually be any bigger, it will at least appear that way, and that is enough to make the tenants more satisfied with your property’s bathroom.

Knowing which mirrors to use in the bathroom of your rental property is only one of the many skills that a landlord should have.

If you really want your property to be a hit among your tenants, then you will need to know exactly how to design a property so that it brings out the absolute best in itself.

Rather than spending hours researching design tips online, you can simply get the help of Blueground. We handle both the big and small details of renting your property so that you can make enjoying your extra income the only thing that you have to worry about.

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