Let There Be Light! Lighting Techniques for Your Apartment

October 17, 2018

When dealing with small spaces, it’s important to do everything you can to make it look larger. After all, a larger space is seen as more desirable. Also, it is going to be much easier to rent out to those that come and view your space. When it comes to opening up small spaces and making them look larger, lighting is one of the most important tools. A nice bright space that’s properly lit will appear much larger. That’s why we put together a list of lighting ideas you can use to take your space to the next level.


Capture attention with an interesting ceiling fixture

a white painted ceiling with a large copper ceiling fixture with light bulbs inside that have been switched on

One of the first things you can do to your apartment is to install a bold ceiling fixture. Pick one that’s very bright and that incorporates many bulbs. The right fixture will draw attention upwards. Everyone that walks through looks up and notices how high the ceilings are. This strategy works best when used in an apartment with taller ceilings. This is pretty common with smaller floor plans. A good ceiling fixture draws attention up, opens up space and transforms a small room into a seemingly larger one. This is a simple way for your rental apartment to stand out.


Focus on yellow-toned lights

It makes no difference whether you invest in high-end LED lights, or stick with old-school incandescent bulbs. What matters is the tone of the light bulbs that you use. If you do opt for more modern LEDs, make sure that you get yellow-toned lights with fewer lumens. Yellow tones create a warm and inviting space and prevent your apartment from looking too neutral. Utilizing too much blue light will give your space a more industrial look. This makes people feel like they are entering a business, rather than a comfortable living space.


Add task lighting throughout

Investing in full room lighting alone is a big mistake when trying to create an attractive space. Instead, you should use a variety of light types, including task lighting. Add some pendant lights over an island in the kitchen, invest in under-cabinet lighting that will help brighten up the countertops in your rental apartment. Add reading lights on desks, include lamps in living rooms and add little light sources all throughout the space to help create a more customizable level of light. Following this strategy will help in creating a nice even and functional space that’s inviting as well. In smaller spaces, such as a studio apartment, save floor space and stick to lighting on the walls and ceiling.


Use high vertical floor lamps or wall sconces

The typical city apartments avoid floor lamps because they take up precious floor space. This isn’t always an issue though as long as you know what product to invest in. Instead of going with a traditional floor lamp consider investing in a torchiere floor lamp. These lamps are very thin, take up very little space and they extend vertically up toward the ceiling. You’ll be amazed at how much light you can work into your space with a few of these lamps, and you don’t have to give up much floor space at all to do so. You could also skip floor lamps in favor of sconces. You get the same result while using up even less floor space as long as you’re willing to install them into the walls of the rental apartment. Either way, you can bring serious light to your space without installing expensive fixtures in every room.


Add dimmers for complete control

Lighting is a very subjective thing. You won’t always want your space to be the brightest that it can be. That’s one benefit of adding in task lighting and other small light sources around your apartment. However, there’s another way to gain control over the way your space looks. Enter light dimmers. Add dimmers to as many of the lights in your apartment as you can, and you have a quick and easy way to adjust your lighting intensity. With dimmers, you’ll be able to adjust the light of your rental to a warm and welcoming level and help it to really stand out for that next showing. Give yourself all the tools that you need to truly make your apartment stand out and have that quality look and the lighting that you need to make it look spacious, and you’ll be more likely to rent it out.

a hand reaches out to turn down the white light dimmer that is adhered to the brown tile wall

Getting the perfect lighting in your space isn’t easy to do, but it’s a worthwhile effort that can help you get a higher quality renter into your space. Lighting is just one more way that you can take control of the look and the perceived quality of your space. If you don’t want to deal with things like lighting, staging, and reviewing prospective renters, or showing your space, contact our team at Blueground to learn how we can take the work out of renting out your property. We’ll help you make the most of your rental property while handling most of the hard work for you.

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