5 Essential Statement Pieces Every Manhattan Apartment Needs

October 18, 2018

Manhattan apartments are famously small. Unfortunately, space is a premium feature that tenants in the city are looking for. Incorporating statement interior pieces is a tried-and-trusted formula for successful decor. Statement pieces can completely transform the apartment layout. They help map out living areas with style.

Less is more when it comes to statement pieces. Decorating minimally with well-selected pieces can make your interiors both functional and tasteful. For maximum impact, scale-up and stick to a handful of items. Opting for many smaller furniture items will result in overcrowding. Don’t waste the limited amount of space that is available in a city apartment.


What to keep in mind

When it comes to decor, the materials matter. The more transparent materials like acrylic and lucite take up minimal visual space. They often give off a clean and modern look. These neutral types of materials help statement pieces stand out.

When it comes to the interior, the artwork is an instant way to make a statement.  Interior artwork  looks best when framed professionally and hung well at eye level. Large-scale paintings and prints work as focal points in minimal spaces. Also, they can introduce interior design themes. A gallery wall also makes a strong statement piece. So try placing smaller prints, paintings or photographs clustered together on one walled area.

Multifunctional statement pieces are a great investment for your apartment. Ideally, they can incorporate storage space into the decor. Storage space is a big priority for Manhattan renters. Items such as benches and beds with hidden storage space are essential. They act as double-duty pieces. Multifunctional pieces can also be space savers. For example, folding furniture or sofas that double up as daybeds.

Building up and making use of the vertical wall space is another trick to maximizing interior space. Play around with floating items such as shelves or wall lamps. Alternatively, try stacking storage pieces upwards. This helps avoid cluttering into the small space around you.

Last but not least, technology should be part of your apartment. Get creative. For example, state of the art speakers. Or a smart home-tech element that doubles as a stylish home accessory. Tenants expect luxury Manhattan apartments to be connected. They want style and functionality to combine.

We have selected five must-have statement pieces that factor in small spaces, storage, and style. They will complete the overall look of your Manhattan apartment. Make the most out of your high-end rental.


1. Full-length mirror

Freestanding full-length mirrors make great decorative focal points. They come in a variety of styles and frames to fit in with the interior design of your apartment. Decorating with well-positioned mirrors can visually expand space and maximize natural light. Hence why mirrors are best placed opposite of windows to reflect daylight. Mirrors can make the biggest impact in the smallest spaces of your Manhattan apartment. For example, reflecting light into a hallway and brightening the whole area.


2. Area rug

a Blueground apartment in San Francisco with a grey couch and a blue area rug

Define the layout of your Manhattan apartment with area rugs. Experiment and plan sections of your room to make use of every inch of space. Visually separating living spaces with rugs can introduce texture, color, and depth into the decor of your apartment. It also anchos a room. Make a bold statement with a brightly colored or graphically printed rug. Add warmth and comfort with a luxurious wool rug that is also a durable textile.


3. Bookshelf

A bookshelf is not just for books, it is a multipurpose piece. Turn it into a striking interior feature to make tenants feel more at home in your apartment. Consider showcasing a collection of books. For example, gather some that reflect the culture and amenities of a local neighborhood. Combine that with other decorative items like ornaments, framed photos, or ceramics. You can also play around with the layout by stacking horizontally or categorizing items by color.


4. Made-to-measure curtains

a room with white carpet and long beige curtains.

Well-dressed windows make a luxurious decorative statement. When hung floor-to-ceiling, they give any room the impression of height. Curtains are favorable over blinds in rental properties as they are easier to maintain and custom fit. Made-to-measure curtains and drapes will add a sense of sophistication to your Manhattan apartment. Fortunately, they can be composed of a variety of fabrics and finishing. Curtains are a great item to introduce any color or pattern into a room without making permanent changes.


5. Ottoman

The ottoman is a classic statement piece. It is great for multitasking and works in almost any space. While being used as a footrest, bedside table, tray, and extra seating, it also provides hidden storage. Ottomans are available in many unique shapes and styles. From classic to contemporary to ornate, there is an ottoman out there for you. For rental properties, we recommend an ottoman upholstered in comfortable and durable fabrics. For example, velvet or leather.


In conclusion

Become a Manhattan landlord that utilizes decor techniques. It will significantly improve your tenant retention rate. Use statement pieces to open up space and light without sacrificing style. You will instantly tick all the right boxes for renters. A well-presented property generates a higher rental fee and attracts quality tenants.

Want professional help in selecting the right statement pieces for your apartment? Curious about optimizing your interior decor for the Manhattan rental market? Consider partnering with local real estate experts. Blueground represents premium properties that are beautifully furnished and fully equipped. Our interior design team provides modern and practical amenities with style.

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