A How-to Guide on Minimalist Interior Design

October 24, 2018

People often say, “less is more”. This doesn’t mean spending less to make changes. Minimalist apartment design is about keeping things simple. The greatest impact can be achieved only through careful editing and restraint.

It is important that the space is serene, less chaotic, and uncluttered.

At the same time, it should not be cold or sterile. There should be space for the objects to breathe. Real art is to create spaces that exude warmth and beauty.

At Blueground, we’ve redecorated countless spaces so that they exude a classic, calming simplicity.

Here are a few steps to redecorate your house by using minimalist interior design techniques.


1) Declutter everything

fully-furnished apartment in NYC with minimal decor with a dark green accent wall and a grey couch against the wall with a coffee table and a TV in front

Minimalism says, ‘If you don’t need it, throw it out!’ A simple bedroom that is free of clutter will help you rest better.

If the house is full of stuff, then the first step is to find a specific and practical place for everything. You can put the extras in a separate box for later use. You can repeat this exercise on a regular basis. Separate useful items from clutter and store them away.

Living in a clean and clear space isn’t just a technique of minimalist interior design, but a way to live healthily.


2) Use simple colors

Try to eliminate extraneous colors. Keep it limited to two or three. Choose colors that are simple, soothing, and suit all seasons.

You may not like changing the decoration of the house on a regular basis, so make the changes while keeping all the seasons in mind, including festive ones. In addition to lighter colors, you may also add earthly solids like brown, tan, or green.


3) Quality over quantity

Avoid buying stuff that is not necessary. Just keep the essentials.

For an organized and less chaotic house, we recommend embracing a simple design scheme. Invest in classic amenities that are useful and sustainable.

Choose pieces that will last longer, and are worth the money. Too many non-essentials and unused products will just start collecting dust after time goes by. Clear out the junk that takes up valuable space.


4) Choose objects of simple and pure design

fully-furnished bedroom in NYC with a large bedroom in the center of the room with white sheets, pillowcases and a pink blanket

There doesn’t need to be a lot of stuff everywhere; it should just have what you need. The texture of the house should match your personality. It should be warm and be inviting.

Minimalism in interior design is about using colors in a way that complements each other and also gives a soothing feeling. The simple and pure design doesn’t mean boring.

Rather, it displays sophistication and comfort. It is beautiful, warm, rich, and inviting.

When you are home, you want it to feel like home. This simplicity helps you calm down and lets you breathe.


5) Let there be space between objects

There should always be enough space between things. It is better to allow light to flow freely through a large window.

Not only does flooding a space with natural light give the impression of a healthier ambiance, but it can also make the room look lighter and bigger.

Above all, with clear spaces on the walls, other features of the room are highlighted. Just place a light-colored rug, under the sofa, and you might not need anything else to decorate your house with.

Minimal interior design doesn’t make your space sterile, empty, or cold. It just adds value and creates a balance between the things you have and the things you need. Think of it as a tidy approach to home design.

Landlords and property owners are continuing to discover the benefits of partnering with Blueground to furnish and rent out apartments throughout the year.

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