Decoration Ideas

The Secret to Cleaning a Concrete Floor Stain

Concrete is one of the toughest flooring materials out there, but it can still stain. Here’s how to properly clean it.

How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner

Are you sick of breathing dirty air? Smell mildew in your house? Clean the AC and watch your problems disappear.

When to Choose New vs. Used Appliances for Your Apartment

Appliances wear out pretty regularly and as the landlord, you must take steps to replace them as quickly as possible.

Rental Red Flags: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Have in Your Rental Property

Get tenants knocking at your door for the right reasons. Read on to learn about which interior faux-pas need to go.

A How-to Guide on Minimalist Interior Design

Decor doesn't always have to be over the top. Sometimes, less is more. Check out these minimal design techniques.

Finesse Meets Function: Top 10 Functional Furniture Ideas for a Downtown Pad

Find out how carefully chosen pieces of furniture can completely change your space to make it more competitive.

Apartment Security Systems and Other Security Gadgets

Everyone wants to feel safe. Having a security system will inspire confidence and make your apartment more attractive

5 Essential Statement Pieces Every Manhattan Apartment Needs

These additions are perfect for smaller apartments. They will turn your property into a stand out and sought-after rental.

Apartment Staging: 5 Tricks to Make Your Place Look Move-in Ready

Transform your home by learning how light can make it appear larger and help it appeal to a high-end pool of renters.

Let There Be Light! Lighting Techniques for Your Apartment

Transform your home by learning how light can make it appear larger and help it appeal to a high-end pool of renters.

Find a Tenant by Furnishing Your Rental

Did you know that by offering a furnished apartment for rent, you dramatically increase your chances of finding a tenant?

5 Rental Apartment Decor Ideas to Help you Stand Out

These simple decorating ideas will enhance your space and ensure it has the biggest impact possible during showings.

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