5 Rental Apartment Decor Ideas to Help you Stand Out

October 16, 2018

Rental apartments are convenient because they’re readily available, affordable and make it possible to live nearly anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, many are bland in appearance. They fail to impressive interested renters when they come to take a look. That’s why we’ve taken the time to build up a list of some of the most useful rental apartment decorating ideas. Use these ideas to really help take your rental apartment from dull to stylish. They’re all tips that you can apply today. When used properly they can make a very real difference.


Add a splash of color

It’s common advice from home-improvement specialists to keep colors neutral throughout a rental space. This is so that it appeals to the largest pool of potential renters. However, it doesn’t mean that your space has to be dull and uninteresting. One of the most important decorating ideas that you should make use of is to add some color to the space. No, we’re not saying to paint the walls neon green or to add in aqua carpeting.

However, you could use accent paints to add bright colors to trim or small sections to help the place stand out. Create a neutral space with little splashes of color that keep things interesting. Break up flat and dull walls with bits of colored trim or wallpaper sections. You’ll instantly have a space that seems more valuable. This is also the case for decorating a smaller space, such as a studio apartment.


Add stylish lighting

A major complaint that renters often have is a lack of overhead lighting in apartments. Sure, most rooms today come with at least a single light, but for many people, that’s simply not enough.

ceiling lights installations in a room

Work in some pendant lights, some free-standing lamps or even table lamps placed strategically around the space. Upgrade any older lighting to a more modern option and invest in quality LED bulbs that will help brighten up the space nicely. By making an investment into lighting, your property will feel larger and more lavish.


Accent with drapes

Rentals are notorious for hanging the bottom-of-the-line blinds and drapes. Make your unit stand out by investing in some high-quality drapes instead. You don’t have to spend thousands on drapes to make an impression. However, try to pick out a product that looks luxurious. It’s just the slight accent that will make your space stand out above the rest. Outfit the entire apartment with nice-looking drapes and you’ll immediately raise the curb appeal of your space. If you would rather go with blinds for the apartment, invest in a quality set instead of the cheap plastic ones.


Work in greenery wherever possible

It’s amazing what a few potted plants can do to liven up any room. If there are any rental apartment decoration ideas that you should consider, it’s the idea to work in potted plants. Sure, plants are work to maintain, but they’re beautiful, they help freshen your space and they show that you really care about your space as well.

various pots with plants in front of a grey wall

Try to choose plants that match your existing decor. You’ll have an affordable accent piece that everyone will immediately love. Consider a mix of hanging plants, table-mounted plants, and floor planters to add real diversity to your space.


Work in storage pieces

One of the most powerful rental apartment decorating ideas that you can benefit from is attractive storage solutions. Most apartments today lack enough storage to hold everything that a tenant might own. Instead of allowing this to be a weak point of the space, work to use that fact to make your space stand out. Invest in high-quality storage furniture, and space-saving furniture to help renters do more with the space available. By adding things like sofa beds, fold-out desks, storage vanities and more, you provide the necessary storage space to appeal to renters. It also will help them to feel more at home. Ideally, this feeling of true comfort could mean staying longer in your property.

Creating an appealing looking rental apartment isn’t easy to do, but it’s possible with the right strategy. By applying these rental apartment decorating ideas you can create the kind of space that stands out to renters in a big way. This will result in more interest, and the ability to charge higher rent. At Blueground we can help you manage your rental apartment and help you achieve your goals as a landlord. Let us help you keep your spaces filled with quality renters, and give you the tools you need to really make your space stand out. With our help you’re rental will practically manage itself, and you’ll sleep better at night.

Stop dealing with the hassles of running a rental unit yourself and hand it off to our professional team. The team at Blueground is ready to help make your space stand out and pay off to its full potential.

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