Where to Put Upholstered Chairs In Your Apartment

April 26, 2019

Fabric-covered furniture is a trendy way to add substance, warmth, and texture to an apartment unit. The inviting feel of upholstery creates the perfect mix between classic and contemporary and has become increasingly popular with the recent resurgence of mid-century modern and other minimalist vintage design styles.

Upholstered chairs make a great investment piece to add to any furnished rental listing in that they do not only add a touch of elegance to any room but are also incredibly versatile and practical. No matter what kind of space a person is living in, there is nothing more tempting than the idea of sinking into a cozy piece of furniture that is featuring a warm cushioned fabric.

Even better, upholstery gives property owners the freedom to experiment with a wide variety of textures and fabrics. Fabric-covered pieces can be matched with a couch or other color elements to create a monochrome look. Or, it can allow for a perfect way to add a splash of color or pattern without going overboard. When it comes to creativity, the sky’s the limit.

pink chair with green bed and pink pillows against forest backdrop

This explains the recent resurgence of upholstery in all things design. So how do landlords successfully integrate fabric-covered pieces into their apartments? Read on for some great ideas for using fabric-covered furniture in almost any room.


10 Creative ideas to integrate upholstered chairs into any living space

1. Around the dining room table

Fabric-covered furniture adds color that will immediately modernize any dining space while still maintaining a warm, inviting ambiance. Try combining colors and patterns to really add a little splash to an otherwise traditional area.

2. Beside the bed

A fabric-covered piece will go a long way to make a bedroom area more comfortable and dynamic without looking cluttered.

3. Across from a couch

a stylish living room in new york city with a brown leather couch and a grey upholstered chair

A chair featuring sleek upholstery will make a lovely accent piece to complement any statement couch. The fabric can be paired with that of the couch or used to create a vibrant contrasting splash of color. Since the couch will be the focal point, the chair can even be covered in a fun pattern and paired with a monochrome couch to create a contemporary feel while still remaining minimalist.

4. In a corner

Any property owner who has a corner or nook that looks empty can utilize a fabric-covered piece to make use of otherwise negative space. Adding an end table with some interesting books on top will foster a cozy “nook-like” feel that provides the perfect space to take a breather and step away from it all.

5. Near a window

Placing a fabric-covered piece near a window is a great way to encourage guests to take a pause to smell the roses, curl up with a book, enjoy the view, or simply soak up some warm rays. It will stand fine on its own near a window but will also work great with a side table.

a white upholstered chair next to a large window

Either way, be sure to provide a light source, whether it be a table lamp or freestanding lamp, so guests can enjoy the window view day or night. This is a good way to integrate fabric-covered furniture into a living space, but it can also work well in a large bedroom to break up the room and create a more functional space.

6. Lining a kitchen island

Upholstered chairs provide a great alternative to hard surfaced furniture that tends to line kitchen islands and will immediately make the kitchen area look and feel more inviting.

7. In the entranceway

A fabric-covered piece in the entrance way will immediately give the whole apartment a welcoming feel, not to mention encourage tenants to get comfortable as soon as they kick off their shoes.

8. Behind a desk

A gorgeous covered piece in a soft fabric will go a long way to make a workspace look more appealing and modern.

9. With a friend to match

A matching pair of upholstered chairs will create a bold monochrome statement. Pair matching pieces with a different colored couch. Or, throw two patterned pieces into an otherwise solid colored dining set and it will go a long way in creating a fresh feel that will really set a room apart.

10. Paired with a vanity

There is nothing more classic and elegant than a fabric-covered piece paired with a vanity. A soft pastel fabric will create a timeless look while a geometric fabric pattern will give this traditional pairing a more contemporary feel.

DIY design can be tricky, and sometimes it can be easier to bring in a professional to help. Blueground offers the perfect solution for property owners who want to target reliable professional business class tenants without having to become design experts. When landlords lease their property to us, we handle every stage of the rental process from design to vetting to maintenance while ensuring a reliable and steady source of income to the property owner. In addition, we lease on a flexible contract basis, so property owners have no obligation to make a long-term commitment.

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