5 Home Decor Ideas for Living Room Walls

July 23, 2018

Are you unsure what to do with an empty white room? These home decor ideas for living room walls will show you how to dress up your space.


1) Matching art or photography

Looking to make a statement? Contemporary artwork and photography can speak volumes. One way to pull it off is to use prints of people, plants, and animals. They have a classic feel and add character. Home decor ideas for living room walls will vary. Photography is a timeless staple.

Bold modern art can be tricky. Your art should complement the other furnishings. Add multiple elements around the room so no wall looks forgotten.


  • Don’t go too bold with color. Start by looking around the room. See what colors are already there. Try to identify an accent shade. Use small amounts of this, to avoid a distraction.
  • Stagger sizes. Break things up with small, medium and large photography. Place items of different sizes next to each other, to ensure a balanced look.
  • Hang near eye level. A general rule is to hang photography 66’’ off the ground. Make sure your wall art doesn’t collide with any furniture, outlets or light switches. Your apartment’s built-in features may dictate how large or small the art should be. Check the visibility from all angles.
  • Keep away from doors and windows. Don’t clutter your room with too many features. Stacking art next to a window or a doorway may cause the space to feel cluttered. Find a big open space that needs work and focus on the additions there. When considering home decor ideas for living room walls it’s important to measure. Always take the shape and size of the room into consideration. You may find a decorative piece that you love, that simply won’t work for the geometry of the room.
  • Stick to the theme. Maybe you’re a design wiz that can take different styles and make eye-popping magic happen. Maybe you’re an everyday property investor looking to stage your place for a showing. We recommend playing it safe when choosing multiple pieces of art or photography. For example, if a room has metallic and textured elements, try to find some pieces that share those qualities to bring out the other fixtures.


2) Hanging plants and terrariums

Not afraid to commit to the upkeep of greenery? Hang plants around. Bringing nature inside is a city dweller trick. In Blueground apartments, guests can find potted plants and plant prints which give off a natural feel.

Three leafy plants in pots hanging down from a metal bar

Another method for bringing the outdoors inside is glass bowl terrariums. Terrariums are a hassle-free way to add decoration and plant life to your home. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be hung anywhere. An alternative to potted plants, they are one of the more creative home decor ideas for living room walls.


3) Installation art

One of the coolest things you can add to space is installation art. Installation art is any mounted three-dimensional object with a design. Think of a sleek and modern hotel lobby. That said, you don’t have to call MoMa to find a great piece. Adding a 3D tessellation scheme or a flower design will work. For a living room, we recommend art that has a softer look. Be careful not to add too much bulk metallic work. It may give off a commercial feeling.


4) Mural

A woman with blonde hair is wearing a blue shirt and denim overalls is painting a multicolored abstract mural on a wall

Why not show off your artistic side and increase the value of your home? How about a painted mural? Turn your address into a landmark by painting a unique design or landscape. One of the best home decor ideas for living room walls is something that you create yourself.


5) Textured art

Is your room feeling a little flat? Does the furniture look a little dull? Consider adding textured art to the walls to impress guests or renters. Don’t be afraid to look into avant-garde home decor ideas. A flat canvas can hang on the wall of any room. You can even get the feel of installation art without the expense. Simply choose paintings with non-paint textures like cloth, beads, plaster or wood.

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