Property Management

Trakheesi: How Does it Work?

Trakheesi is a powerful online platform that has become the number one tool for documents and licensing in Dubai.

A Guide to Maintenance Problems and Common Tenant Complaints

Constantly tending to issues will impact your productivity. Check out our guide to learn how to easily handle it all.

How to Ask for a Rent Increase in Dubai

Landlords need to understand all of their rights and responsibilities. That also includes when to ask for more money.

Exotic House Plants That Like Shade

Here are five different types of exotic house plants that will spruce up any indoor living space for your tenants.

Residency Status Required to Rent in Dubai

Here is what landlords need to know about Dubai residency requirements before signing a long-term rental contract.

What Dubai’s Rental Index Can Tell You About Average Rent

Dubai’s Rental Index allows landlords and tenants to have an overview of the average rent around the area.

Storage Ideas for Your New Dubai Apartment

You don't have to do a remodel to add more storage for your tenants. Here are some ideas for your new Dubai apartments.

5 Benefits of Month-to-Month Rentals in Dubai

Should you consider offering month-to-month rentals in Dubai? Here are the benefits of choosing this lease option.

Dubai-Inspired Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Usually studios don’t offer a lot of extra room. So, designing them in an efficient and pleasing way can be a bit tricky.

Perks of Temporary Housing Leases In Dubai

Dubai landlords are now in a position to be able to provide temporary housing through short term rental agreements.

Up the Ante on Your Bedroom and Living Room Interior Design

A few easy tricks can take your apartment living room and bedroom from just four walls, to a vision for city living.

How Much Is Blueground’s Commission?

Landlords pay no commission. Instead, the company builds their profits into the price charged to the executive tenants.

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