Dubai-Inspired Kitchen Decorating Ideas

April 8, 2019

One of the things that defines Dubai is its multicultural, progressive nature. Residents of Dubai take pride in their culture, and for property owners to make their visitors feel at home, there is no better way than to let this pride spill over into the decorating style of a rental property. Visitors want to soak up local culture and style. Adding a taste of Dubai to any kitchen in a rental property will leave travelers feeling fully immersed and inspired.

While it is easy to give more traditional spaces like the reception room a distinctive flair, kitchen decorating ideas that reflect Dubai are harder to come by. The question becomes, how do property owners bring the unique flavor of Dubai all the way into the kitchen?

Here are 10 inspired kitchen decorating ideas for landlords to help give their tenants a real taste of Dubai.


1. Who doesn’t love gold?

Everyone loves gold, but especially the residents of Dubai. By integrating touches of gold into the landscape of the kitchen, whether through decorations, kitchen utensils, or even a splash of paint, a property owner can give visitors a real feel for Dubai’s favorite metal.

To give any kitchen space a real golden flare, be sure to integrate with different shades and tones.


2. Try tossing in some red

Red and gold is a favorite color combination of Dubai residents, and for good reason. This classic color blend creates comforting warmth while making a bold and elegant statement. This is why every Dubai property owner should be sure to show their Dubai pride by integrating splashes of red into their kitchen decorating scheme.


3. Shoot to fuse traditional with modern

Dubai is a city that thrives on its ability to successfully retain valuable cultural elements while plunging forward relentlessly into the future. To give travelers a true feel of what Dubai stands for, why not take this philosophy into the kitchen?

a large brown chandelier with glass attached and hanging down with a white curtain background

Try integrating antique stylistic elements, like traditional decorations, with a streamlined, minimalistic, and futuristic layout and top-quality appliances.


4. Aim to provide elegant lighting options

Anybody who has visited Dubai knows that chandeliers and opulent lighting fixtures are proud staples of any public building. Why not bring the feel of some of Dubai’s most celebrated institutions right into the kitchen? This means not being afraid to lean to the extravagant side when it comes to kitchen lighting options.

Those who really want to make a statement might want to even consider a chandelier as a stunning focal point that visitors will be sure to remember.


5. Add some plants

Most Dubai residents know that the best way to create an oasis in the middle of the big city is to integrate some plants into the design of the room, and the kitchen is no exception. Not only will a few well-placed plants go a long way to cultivate a sense of tranquillity and calm, but they will improve the air quality as well.

leafy green plants in round metal cans in front of a white marble background

The kitchen is also an ideal space for a herb garden that guests can cook with at leisure. Don’t want to worry about the maintenance? Try an artificial plant instead.


6. Don’t forget the tea set

Everybody knows how much Arabs love their tea, so what better way to give a Dubai kitchen a real taste of home than a signature tea set? Be sure to keep the set in a place where it will be on display!


7. Go for wide windows

As far as hot Dubai trends go, the wider the window, the better. Not only will the large window let in plenty of gorgeous natural light for guests to cook under, but it will create the illusion of an even larger space.


8. Try integrating curtains for a dramatic effect

When it comes to Dubai style, there is nothing that will give a room that traditional look like a gorgeous curtain. Try opting for sheer, breathable window curtains to keep light flowing and give the room an airy feel.


9. Adding a painting can make space feel like home

Nothing says Dubai like a large painting in the reception room to help make visitors feel at home. There is no reason to not bring this welcoming Dubai tradition into the kitchen. A bold painting gives the room a unique look and a style all its own and will create a mesmerizing focal point as well.

Feeling like decorating can be a daunting task? Fair enough. Property owners already have a lot on their plates, without having to worry about learning to be professional interior designers as well. However, the reality is that a well-decorated property will command higher prices on the rental market.

This is why Blueground has come up with a solution where landlords can reap the benefits of owning property without the stress. We will lease out a property and take care of the decorating, paperwork and everything else. Blueground specifically targets senior business executives who look for medium to long term stays. We carefully vet all of our applicants to ensure that there is never any property damage or missed payments. We are fully committed to providing innovative solutions that are a win for both property owners and tenants.

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