Artificial Plants for Low Maintenance Home Decor

October 5, 2019

Indoor plants, or house plants, have had a renaissance of sorts. So much so that an article from The Washington Post went viral for its claim that many millennials now substitute houseplants for children. As a landlord looking to add value to your homes, indoor plants – specifically artificial – are an excellent way to spruce up your space and make it more appealing to young, wealthy tenants.

It turns out the trend is not unfounded. Studies have shown that houseplants have a myriad of health benefits, including decreased anxiety levels. Plants are an excellent and easy way to make your space appear more stylish. It creates an instantly soothing atmosphere. Houseplants pair well with Dubai’s homes, many of which have spacious living rooms and large glass windows that allow natural light to pour in. These are the perfect backdrops for houseplants.

Many tenants in Dubai are also frequent travelers, so houseplants may be left behind for weeks at a time. Luckily, artificial plants are an excellent option. Artificial plants also look lovely in building lobbies, elevators, and other common spaces. Plants are an inexpensive way to take your space to the next level. 

Due to the popularity of houseplants, there’s a wide variety of realistic looking artificial plants. In fact, many people opt for artificial houseplants as they are low-maintenance and never wilt. 

Read on to discover some artificial plants that will make for the ultimate low-maintenance addition to your properties.



artificial plants for low maintenance home decor lotus

A lotus plant adds a zen vibe to the rest of your decor. Artificial lotuses come in classic white, as well as many eye-catching pastel shades. You can find potted lotus plants and individual ones that look stunning in vases or floating in decorative water bowls.


Hedera Helix (Ivy)

artificial plants for low maintenance home decor ivy

This plant looks regal hung from windows, balconies, and elevated surfaces. Its classy draping vines help transform the look of any home. Artificial versions of this plant are especially useful on higher ledges and surfaces where real plants would be difficult to water and maintain. 



artificial plants for low maintenance home decor rose

Roses are an instant classic. Whether fresh or artificial, they are a romantic addition to any home. The artificial versions will never lose their color or their petals. Style them alone or arranged with other silk plants. Roses also look beautiful in baskets, simple vases, or set on a bookshelf.



artificial plants for low maintenance home decor fern

Ferns are trendy and minimal. If you want a burst of verdant green that is also understated, try a fern. You can hang these plants in small pots or place them on side tables. Ferns have a luxuriousness about them and are especially gender neutral.


artificial plants for low maintenance home decor pink flowers

These flowering plants are found all over the world. The Ipomoea comes in a variety of shades. You can find these shades of lavender, pink, red, and more. Try matching some with your home’s interior. Choose these plants for a classy, natural look.

Spider Plant

artificial plants for low maintenance home decor spider plant

If you’re looking for a statement-making, nonflowering plant, spider plants (officially called Chlorophytum comosum) are perfect. This plant is great in more minimal homes or lofts with an industrial vibe. Place these plants in the foyer or kitchen to make a statement.

As landlords in a competitive market, staying on top of design trends will give you an advantage. Houseplants are equal parts trendy and timeless. Invest in high-quality artificial houseplants to give your properties an edge over other landlords. They will help make an instant impression.

At Blueground, we ensure your space is up to design standards. If you sign on with Blueground as your tenant, we’ll ensure your decor is a cut above the competition. This includes low maintenance decorations for our business executive tenants such as artificial plants, contemporary wall art and exclusive housewares.

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