5 Amazing Exotic House Plants That Like Shade

June 5, 2019

As a landlord, you want to create an apartment that tenants are proud to call home. You want to design living spaces where your renters will feel relaxed and comfortable. Making your tenant feel happy and comfortable is especially important for expats who are homesick.

While there are many upgrades and décor elements you can implement throughout your properties to achieve this kind of atmosphere, one simple option is to include exotic house plants.

There are many benefits to placing house plants throughout the interior of a home.

For example, they are known to help reduce stress levels and boost the energy of all tenants. The right plants can also remove toxins from the air, creating a healthier atmosphere.

Additionally, they can also reduce outside noise and they can increase humidity in the space.

However, there may be a certain corner of the apartment that doesn’t see a lot of suns and could greatly benefit from an indoor house plant.

By choosing a house plant that thrives in low-lit conditions, you can enjoy the beauty of these plants and all their health benefits. Here are five exotic house plants that like the shade.


1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is an excellent option if you’re searching for an exotic house plant that offers rich greenery. This plant will thrive in shaded areas but it does need a small amount of natural sunlight every day.

It is also a low-maintenance plant and you can either grow it in either soil or in water. Lucky Bamboo is perfect for sticking on an end table, a desk, or even a dresser.

Choose a decorative pot and you’ll have a beautiful and stylish décor item for any area of the house.


2. Peace Lily

a peace lily in a white flower pot on a wooden table with a grey plain wall in the background

If you want a house plant that adds a pop of color to a corner or a tabletop, Peace Lily should be at the top of your list. This plant does well in indirect sunlight.

However, if you place it in an area where it receives a little natural light each day, you will enjoy even more white blooms. Many landlords choose the Peace Lily for their properties because it is easy to care for.

Even tenants who lack a green thumb can take care of this plant and reap the benefits. Avoid overwatering and dust off the leaves occasionally to keep them healthy and looking incredible.


3. ZZ Plant

If you want to include exotic house plants and various greenery throughout your indoor living space, the ZZ Plant is ideal.

Also known as a Zanzibar Gem, this plant is very difficult to kill and can go a while without any water. It does well in very dark and shaded areas, making it perfect for basements or dark corners of the apartment.

In fact, if it is placed in direct sunlight, the leaves will curl and turn yellow.

Typically, the plant does better when it dries out completely between each watering.

However, just ensure your tenants know the ZZ Plant is real, as this exotic house plant boasts a waxy coating that can make it seem fake.


4. Spider Plant

large spider plant in a white flower pot in front of a beige wall

The Spider Plant is a popular house plant that adds contrast and texture to an indoor living space. It features many thin leaves that look like long spider legs.

This plant is very forgiving. It can go some time without being watered or cared for, making it great for rental properties. These plants do best with the indirect sun but they still need some light to truly flourish.

Best of all, they sprout “spider babies” which means you can gift descendants of your spider plant to friends, or simply use them in your other rentals.


5. Ficus

If you are looking for a house plant that grows tall and will add texture and greenery to a large space, the Ficus is highly recommended. These plants do well with indirect sunlight and especially bright rooms may harm these plants.

However, if you choose to include a Ficus Tree in your property, make sure your renters know how to properly care for the plant as these can be very challenging. They require much more maintenance and care than others.

For example, these plants prefer a very steady temperature and drafts will harm them. Additionally, they do best in more humid environments.

When you include greenery throughout your properties, you can create a living environment that feels like home – even for short-term renters. These house plants are a simple way to add color and provide a stylish look throughout the space with very little work.

By handing your unfurnished apartment over to Blueground,  you can rest assured that all decor and renting out responsibilities are handled. It is just one of the many features that make our fully furnished and equipped apartments truly feel like home.

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