Furniture in Dubai: Home Furnishings Uncovered

November 30, 2018

When furnishing a Dubai rental property it’s smart to invest in quality pieces built to last from tenancy to tenancy. And high-quality furniture for outfitting high-end apartments in Dubai can be found in obvious and not-so-obvious shopping spots.

Dubai offers a high standard of living for tenants relocating to the city to further their careers and quality of life. Moving can be a big expense for expat professionals. Landlords can take the hassle out of moving for tenants by providing fully-furnished units move-in ready.


Obvious and not-so-obvious places to shop

In Dubai’s rapidly developing economy the furniture market is dynamic. From brand new to pre-loved, the options for sourcing your rental furniture range from:

  • High-end stores
  • High-street stores
  • Custom-made
  • Second-hand
  • Furniture rental


dubai home furnishings living room interior design in Dubai UAE

There are many boutique and designer stores in Dubai selling top-quality furniture influenced by modern Arabic, European and American styles. Classic and contemporary furnishings are often sold alongside luxurious upholstery, wallpaper, carpets, and lighting.  Many high-end stores are located on Jumeirah Beach Road, like the new Italian Poltrona Frau concept-store, and the D-Tales showroom, selling world-renowned Scandinavian brands.


Brand new furniture can be found at a more reasonable rate at many of the familiar high-street brands in Dubai, like Laura Ashley, Ikea and Pottery Barn. All these stores can be found under one roof in Dubai’s Shopping Malls and Hypermarkets. The world’s most-visited shopping destination, The Dubai Mall, is located in Downtown. The Dragon Mart Mall, close to International City, and the Lulu Hypermarket chains are bargain-hunter paradises for household goods.


Custom-made furniture focused on quality craftsmanship and materials are common in Dubai. Seen as investment pieces and a hallmark of luxury, furnishing in high-quality wood and stone are made individually to meet the requirements of the property. Custom-made pieces that are functional and made-to-measure like wardrobes and adaptable-furniture are key styles to invest in for rental properties.


As Dubai is a transient renters city, high-quality used furniture can be found in abundance on the second-hand market. The places second-hand furniture can be found for sale are:

  • Classifieds
  • Flea Markets
  • Social Media
  • Second-hand furnishing stores

Classifieds and Social Media

Typically, second-hand furniture advertised via online classifieds such as and feature photographs of pieces for sale. Before arranging an inspection appointment, It’s advisable when contacting the seller to ask if the price is fixed or open for negotiation.

Social media is also a shopping hot spot for pre-loved furniture in Dubai. Facebook groups such as Buy It, Sell It, Swap It Dubai and Second Hand Dubai (UAE) are popular shopping destinations as an alternative to the high-street.

When shopping for second-hand furniture online, it’s always worth considering the location of the items advertised online as transportation costs can be high.

Flea markets and Second-hand stores

Dubai Flea Markets are shopping spots for reselling secondhand furniture and white goods. These centrally located markets allow buyers to inspect and transport items from an amenable location whilst being environmentally sustainable. Bargaining on the second-hand market can also be done instore in Dubai at shops such as Cash Converters and Second Hand Furniture Trading that sell used furniture, decoration, and electronics.

When shopping second-hand for furniture in Dubai,  it’s always important to identify what items are and aren’t suitable pre-used for a rental. And whilst you can get items professionally cleaned and deodorizing, tenants prefer items such as mattresses, upholstered furniture, and linens to be brand new.

Furniture rental

Furniture rental in Dubai is a premium service offering furniture packages for short to long-term rentals. Renting furniture can save shipping costs and provide a quick-fix for landlords looking to get high-end tenants settled quickly into move-in ready properties. However, companies like Blueground that fully-furnish all our listings, offer our property owners these services as a permanent upgrade, rather goods to be returned.

wooden table with black chairs around it with a lighting fixture above and glass balcony windows looking over the city

Our Furniture Pack, exclusively available to landlords who sign up with Blueground, offers the opportunity to increase rental income. The program allows property owners to finance the furniture and equipment used in their apartment with Blueground. We offer high-end furniture and appliances specifically made for our city center apartments. The end result is property owners receiving a 10% annual return on their capital and their investment back at the end of our partnership.

Furnishing a rental is also a good time to look at investing in upgrades and renovations that are beyond aesthetics, like a kitchen re-fit or new flooring. Once you have your property fully-furnished and upgraded, it’s important to capture the most attractive features with high-quality rental photos. Professional rental photos will optimize the selling points of your property and furnishing amenities offered to tenants viewing online.

Blueground can fully-furnish and professionally photograph property for rental. If you are a property owner in Dubai interested in working with us, drop us a line to find out more.

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