8 Interior Decoration Tips

July 20, 2018

Interior decoration is an art that transforms your place and enhances the space. Simply making slight changes to your interiors can completely change how visitors perceive your home. When moving into a new place, or when looking for some quick updates to your house, there are some standard interior decoration tips that you can easily do for with minimal effort and minimal cost.

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Here are some tips for interior decoration to help you transform your home:


1) Carpets in the living room


Carpets give warmth and add life to your living space. Hardwood floors lack comfort, whereas carpets can add fun and functionality to your living space. Choose a pattern and fabric that best matches your personality. Furthermore, you can also change out the carpets according to seasons or festivals. Carpets made from washable cotton are widely available and more easy to clean. They are ideal for homes with children. Rugs are more popular and commonly used in Dubai, and they add a different touch to the beauty of the house. They are perfectly suited for the major festive seasons of Dubai, Ramadan, and Eid.


2) All season wall décor

Life is normally so busy that you may not be able to make changes in your home on a regular basis. If you find yourself in this category, you may prefer that your home decoration suits all seasons of the year. In that case, wall art can be put up in the living room for an eye-catching statement that really livens up the house. Add value to your home with this simple change. Wall decor will not only look good throughout the year but during the festive seasons as well.


3) Comfortable sofa cover and cushions

The piece of furniture that tends to get the most use in a home is the sofa. As a result, it is also the one thing which gets dirty the fastest. So even though you may want to use beautiful covers, the fear of them getting stained always gets in the way. If this is a concern, choose printed, washable covers. They not only look good and add texture but are also easier to manage. Match them with pretty cushion covers, and you are all set. Just like rugs, these also can be used for festive decorations for Ramadan and Eid. They are a simple way of adding elegance to any sofa. These kinds of covers are prevalent in Dubai.


4) Lots of seating space

blueground airbnb couple hanging out in furnished apartment living room

For people who have lots of guests on a regular basis, it is important to have a lot of seating space. Not all sofas need to have the same look. There is nothing wrong with placing antique items with modern ones. After all, the interior decoration is about showing your personality. Adding cushions in the living room can further increase seating space.


5) Decorative mirrors add instant light

Mirrors, if placed directly across from windows, will add instant light to any room. Mirrors may also be used to fill or create space in a room. For example, if your living room is small, adding a large mirror will create the illusion of depth. Manufacturers, commonly decorate mirrors in Dubai with traditional designs.


6) Paint rooms in softer colors

If a room seems cramped, large windows, light-colored walls and ample use of mirrors, can create an impression of a larger room than it actually is. You can use dark colors to create the opposite effect. Feel free to go with a bold choice, and then give the rest of the room a minimalistic flair.


7) Add decorative plants in the house

Plants can provide a refreshing, friendly atmosphere in your home. They can be used for decoration as well. This is because plants can be inexpensive (especially if artificial) and come in every shape and size. As such, we recommend placing them throughout your home, from the living room to the balconies. They also have the added advantage of cleaning the air in your house and balancing humidity, which is significant for Dubai’s climate.


 8) Pottery

wooden table and view of dining room and living room of a blueground apartment in Dubai

Pottery comes in various artistic designs. It comes in bright colors, combinations of tradition and style and different design choices. Pottery works for all seasons and adds a beautiful look to a house. These are so elegant to look at, and combined with beautiful rugs and sofa covers, these will look just perfect in any home. These are highly popular in areas like Dubai and can be a perfect addition for festive seasons.

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