10 Living Room Decoration Ideas

October 4, 2019

The living room decor is the most crucial area because this is the first thing that guests see when they enter your house. Along with sophistication, the decor should also have warmth. Of course, you want the house to suit your personality. It means more than just bricks and objects. And for that, the simple decor should be done in such a way that it suits your personality while looking beautiful.

Here are some ideas:


1. Use mirrors

Mirrors are the easiest way to bring more light and space to the room. Place the mirror in the opposite direction to where the light comes in. This will increase the impact of the light. Traditionally designed decorative mirrors are very popular in Dubai.


2. Floor to ceiling decor

Floor-to-ceiling décor is the best way to fill vertical space and make the room feel larger by giving visitors more to look at. Modern Islamic Art on the walls gives guests something to look at and adds perceived value to your home. Modern Islamic Art is gaining popularity in Dubai home decor, jump on this trend before your friends do.


3. Use neutral colors

living room decoration ideas neutral accent wall

Neutral colors expand the space by appearing to push back the walls. These colors also illuminate a room by reflecting light and adding sophistication.


4. Chandelier

Chandeliers are a beautiful way of adding elegance to your home. Traditional chandeliers are more popular in Dubai and they take the level of sophistication up a notch.


5. Lightweight appearance

Furniture with softer shades and legs give an impression of being visually lightweight. This doesn’t constrict the space like fuller sofas. Design and color are the main factors in deciding the visual weight.


6. Display your memories

white wall background with wooden floor and framed black and white vacation photos of bikes in different places

Print off your vacation photos and some of your own pictures to decorate the walls and let guests see more of you. This adds warmth to your home and creates a connection between you and your guests.


7. Utilize the sides

Have a small living room? No problem! Living room decor should provide more useful space for you. You can even use the sides and corners by creating a storage space or a small library. Wooden shelves for the library are very popular and most admired in Dubai.


8. Map or a globe

If you are someone who loves traveling, then this is perfect for you. Put up a map on the wall and pin the locations you have visited. As you visit places, the map keeps filling which not only remind you of your beautiful trips but also allows your guests to see another side of you.


9. Seating space

corner of living room with view of the city of Dubai

It is important that the living room decor makes a place for more people, especially if you are someone who regularly has guests. Add in more sofas or chairs to make space for everyone.


10. Remember: You know best!

The owner of the house always knows what they want the house to look like. So, before looking anywhere else, figure out your aesthetic. Then browse the internet, check out your favorite design magazine or Pinterest. Who knows someone may have created exactly what you’re looking for. Just remember that you want your house to be a reflection of your personality. Blueground apartments are furnished and designed to be practical and beautiful. When you rent your property with blueground, we transform the existing space in order to become the best possible version of your home.

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