Storage Ideas for Your New Dubai Apartment

April 26, 2019

There are many features of a property that will attract tenants. For example, the size of the apartment, the cost, and the location are all major perks. One aspect of the property that should not be overlooked are the various storage options for the renters. Whether you offer a furnished apartment or one that is not, individuals want a place where they can keep their own belongings without making the area appear cramped or crowded. As a landlord, you don’t have to make any major renovations to provide these much-desired areas. Here are several simple storage ideas for your new Dubai apartment.


1. Hanging baskets

One simple storage idea is hanging baskets. These are not only cost-friendly options but they take up little space. You can hang the baskets on a large rod across the wall for more storing options or next to your bed on ropes. This will save you floor space, and the baskets can hold a variety of small items such as magazines, books, electronics, etc.


2. Floating shelves

While you can certainly include various bookshelves throughout your living spaces, they can take up ample floor space and make a room appear small and crowded. To prevent this from happening, you may consider installing floating shelves on the walls. These are a trendy and stylish option and are excellent for items such as books, picture frames, plants, etc. There is also a large selection of floating shelves available so it is easy to find a product that matches your apartment’s design and décor.

Are you worried about creating beautiful, spacious areas that are trendy and gorgeous for all of your tenants?  With Blueground’s apartments, your renters enjoy fully-furnished spaces with the latest interior design trends. The apartment will have all that your renters will need and will feel like home; they may never want to leave. Many of the storage solutions included here (like under bed storage and floating shelves are favorites of the home provider).


3. Use hooks

If you are looking for storage ideas for clothing, accessories, etc., in bedroom and bathroom areas, consider installing hooks on the walls. These hooks become excellent space savers for storing belongings such as fashion scarves, necklaces, ties, etc. In the bathroom, door hooks are an excellent option for towels. While you can always use a towel rack, this one item can take up the entire wall. However, when you use hooks, you have more space and can hang up multiple towels in a small room.


4. Provide room under the bed

It is possible to find storage options in even the most unusual places. Your tenants may have items that they don’t want out in the open and want to keep tucked away. If you are looking for storage ideas for these situations, a great option is to provide room under the bed. You can find storing systems specific to these tighter areas, which are available in a variety of materials and sizes. You may also find bed frames that boast drawers and shelves, which create a very trendy look. If you really want ample storing options under the bed, consider a large platform bed with multiple drawers and cupboards beneath it.


5. Don’t forget the ceiling

Another area of the apartment that you certainly don’t want to overlook is the ceiling. This is often just unused space that you can use to keep larger and more awkwardly shaped items out of the way. For example, many tenants may have a bike to get around the city. Rather than store the bike on the floor, you can install hooks from the ceiling. This will allow them to get the bike out of sight, it won’t distract from the beauty of the apartment, and it is extremely simple to do. Other items you can hang from the ceiling include baskets, shelves, or table tops. If you want a lot of greenery in the apartment, hanging baskets full of lush vegetation is a great way to bring the outdoors inside without sacrificing space.


6. Maximize your drawers

You don’t need to install all new storing systems for your tenants to better organize their own personal belongings in your Dubai apartment. You can look at the current items you have throughout your apartment and determine ways to maximize space. Some popular storage ideas for your Dubai apartment include installing drawer organizers in the kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and even dresser drawers. These make it easy for all renters to easily organize small items such as kitchen utensils, hair accessories, or even jewelry. Plus, these are inexpensive solutions and take very little time to install.

By implementing just a few of the above storage ideas throughout your apartment in Dubai, tenants will have the storing and organizing systems they need to keep the apartment looking great and to prevent a messy and cluttered mess.

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