Landlord – Tenant Relationship

Words You’ll Need To Decipher for Dubai Real Estate

Expand your professional vocabulary. There are certain real estate terms that every landlord and tenant should know.

What to Ask Before Renting a Luxury Apartment in Dubai

Renting out your upscale home may sound daunting. To gain confidence in a potential tenant, ask the right questions.

Explaining Apartment Wear and Tear

Wear and tear refers to damage that inevitably occurs as a result of aging. Learn how to recognize it in your space.

Dubai Apartment Advice for the Homesick Expat

Always go the extra mile to make your tenant feel at home. This list will provide some ideas on how to do that.

When it’s Time to Evict Your Tenant

There are three main reasons for which a landlord can legally evict a tenant in Dubai. Make sure you understand them.

The Essential Information About Ejari

In Dubai, both tenants and landlords are responsible for registering the contract with Ejari. Learn the details here.

How to Solve Property Disputes in Dubai

Recently, landlord and tenant disputes have increased. Learn what to do if you find yourself in the middle of one.

How VAT Affects Dubai Landlords

The Value-Added Tax or VAT is a consumption based tax. Read on to learn how exactly it affects UAE landlords.

Reasons to Run a Tenant Credit Report

Naturally, you won't want to open your home to tenants that don't have good credit. So, make sure to do your research.

The UAE Landlord-Tenant Relationship Guide

While it may not always be easy, it is important for landlords and tenants to have a happy and healthy relationship.

The Prospective Tenant Screening Process

An effective tenant screening aims to filter out all of the bad apples. This list will explain the entire process.

Read This Before Signing a Tenancy Contract

Take your time. Make sure that the negotiation and signing of the rental contract is not a rushed, last minute process.

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