The Essential Information About Ejari

October 12, 2018

It’s mandatory for every renter in Dubai to register their lease contract, no matter if it’s commercial or residential. Tenants and landlords are both jointly responsible for registering the tenancy contract before or immediately after the lease start date. It should be registered with Ejari, an initiative of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency).

RERA law doesn’t specify who should pay, but it is usually the tenant. Tenants have the burden of payment because they need the registration for a variety of reasons. For example; to apply/renew residence visas, family visa sponsorship, obtain a commercial license, media/internet connections, employ domestic staff, acquire a liquor license, and as documentary proof in the case that there are any legal disputes with the landlord.


The purpose

Some people make the mistake of not registering. This is either because they don’t know that they should or because they don’t want to pay the fee of 220 AED. However, according to RERA Law No. 26 of 2007, it is mandatory. This includes any kind of real estate, including freehold and non-freehold properties. It’s necessary that you register and that you renew every year.

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First of all, the purpose of Ejari is to set a transparent and open relationship between landlords and tenants. Both parties should be completely aware of their rights, and obligations. Secondly, this registration converts the rental agreement into a legal framework. It is then uploaded to the government database. This becomes especially important in the case that there is a landlord-tenant dispute. If you don’t register, there is no legal basis from which to solve any disputes. 

By using Ejari, the Dubai rental market remains one of the most transparent in the world. It ensures that both tenants and landlords have peace of mind in case of disputes.


The process

Fortunately, there’s no need to go stand in line at some government office. You can easily and conveniently register your tenancy online. The Ejari online registration service is available to the public through their websiteWhile the tenants are usually the ones who pay for the registration, anyone can submit the registration request.

Documents required for Ejari:

  • Your passport (or Emirates ID)
  • Copy of the original tenancy contract
  • Copy of the title deeds of the leased property
  • Tenant’s Passport, UAE Visa and Emirates ID (if the tenant is an individual)
  • Trade License and company manager’s Emirates ID (if the tenant is a company)
  • A recent DEWA bill for Ejari contract renewals (The final DEWA Bill of the previous tenant is required for first contract registrations)

As of 2018, landlords can also register their rental contracts through the Ejari app available for Android and iOS.

How much does Ejari cost?

The flat rate for registering with Ejari online is AED 585 including all fees and VAT and you will be billed the equivalent in USD.

How long does it take to process Ejari?

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The process is relatively quick. Once you have turned in all the required documents, it takes just a few days. The same timeline applies to both registrations and cancellations. Amazingly, there is an unconditional money back guarantee if your application takes longer than one week. You can pay with Paypal, or credit/debit card. So, you can register your lease with Ejari even if you’re on the other side of the world.



Ejari cancellation requests can be made online or at an Ejari office and will be processed in 24-48 hours. After which you are free to register a new Ejari contract for your next property.

If you are a property owner or a tenant in a Blueground apartment, you will never have to deal with registering Ejari. All of our apartments are registered under the company license. Blueground is a property management company that leases hundreds of apartments across Dubai. 

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