Tenant Move-Out Tips to Save Landlords Money

August 24, 2018

Landlords dread the day a well-behaved, long-term tenant moves out. This means beginning an entirely new landlord-tenant relationship. Also, many landlords in Dubai have to face unnecessary expenses when a tenant leaves. One of the best strategies is to ensure that the process starts far in advance. Here are some tenant move-out tips that can help prevent losses for landlords.


Float the property

moving out tips for landlords and tenants analyze

A smart landlord will never wait until the final day to start hunting for a new tenant. Given the nature of tenancy agreements in Dubai, it’s hard to find someone looking to move months in advance. Make sure that you list your property online as early as possible. The availability needs to be clear, in order to attract relevant tenants and inquiries.


Provide a tenant move-out checklist

Provide your tenant with a list of what is expected before, during and after the move-out process. The concept of leaving the apartment clean isn’t understood by all tenants. In your agreement, explain that they should clean every room and amenities should be in good working order. Provide a deadline for this crucial stage.


Preliminary inspection

During the preliminary inspection, take a tour with the tenant through the property. Take note of any damages. Your tenant may regard some of the damages are minor. If so, they should indicate it on the checklist. This will help avoid confrontation later on.


Forwarding address

moving out tips for landlords and tenants providing a forwarding address Deutsche Post mailbox

Never allow your tenant to leave without disclosing their forwarding address. It comes in handy when future disputes arise, such as debt collection. Whether it be in Dubai or abroad, be sure to ask and file it in a safe place.


Final inspection

The final inspection should happen almost immediately after the tenant move-out process. This allows time to find undocumented damages.

The key is to ensure that the occupant leaves your property exactly the way they found it. If you use a company such as Blueground to act as your tenant, you won’t ever have to worry about final inspections. Blueground ensures that everyone staying in your space is highly vetted. They take care of the entire inspection process for you. We ensure that your apartment will be delivered back in the same condition after initial maintenance.

Don’t leave any stone unturned. If the tenant still has furniture inside the house, move it aside. Someone may try to hide a big stain on the carpet by simply placing a TV stand over it. Check that the drains are working, cupboards are empty, and nothing has been left lying around.

Tenants are supposed to leave you with the keys. Or instead, you can look at other options that might save money in the long-run, like keyless, password locks. After that, ensure that they sign the document. This is important as it entitles you to deductions from the security deposit. It also helps when the tenant decides to file a case at the RDSC.



moving out tips for landlords and tenants calculate bills

Before you even consider releasing the security deposit to a tenant, make it standard practice that they update their utilities with DEWA. If they are departing under tenuous circumstances, suggest that the funds be deducted from the security deposit. Ensure that the deposit is released as soon as possible after the tenant move-out process. After all, you are in business and you don’t want your name tainted.


Begin the new tenancy

By now, you have probably received multiple tenant applications. So, time to start your screening process. Once you find the perfect tenant, provide them with a copy of the move-in inventory report. Request that the new tenant reports any anomalies within a week so you can reach out to the previous tenant before the dust settles.

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