Maintenance & Renovation

Choosing The Right Air Conditioner For Your Apartment

Consider the different types of AC's on the market and weigh the pros and cons of each. Find the one that suits you.

The 5 Most Common Reasons to Call a Plumber & How You Can Solve it Yourself

Learn what kinds of plumbing issues you can resolve by yourself and what requires making a call to a professional.

Simple Guide to Maintenance Problems & Common Tenant Complaints

Constantly tending to issues will impact your productivity. Check out our guide to learn how to easily handle it all.

An Apartment Cleaning Checklist for Dubai

Quality cleaning for large spaces can be difficult. This list will help establish an efficient and productive routine.

When Do You Need to Call a Locksmith in Dubai?

As a landlord, there are some situations you can handle yourself and others where contacting a professional is crucial.

Low-Cost Rental Property Renovation Ideas

There are some low-cost renovation projects that you can do that will significantly increase your rental income.

Explaining Apartment Wear and Tear

Wear and tear refers to damage that inevitably occurs as a result of aging. Learn how to recognize it in your space.

Helpful Home Improvement Tasks for Dubai Landlords

A landlord that has the skills, knowledge, and tools to handle basic home improvement tasks can save tons of money.

DIY Pest Control and When to Call a Specialist

These basic guidelines offer some simple tips to help you be more self-sufficient and to keep your property pest free.

The Best Bathroom Renovation Trends

If you are feeling like your space needs a change, the bathroom is the perfect place to start. Get inspired!

How To Maximize Your Rental Income With Home Renovation

Every good landlord knows you can dramatically maximize your rental income through just a bit of home renovation.

What to Include on Your Home Maintenance Checklist

Make sure you've covered everything! For property owners, it’s crucial to keep up with the standards of the market.

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