The Best Bathroom Renovation Trends

October 9, 2018

In the realm of apartment renovations, bathrooms are a no-brainer. If your space needs vital renovations, the bathroom is a great place to start. Why? Updating a bathroom can be surprisingly easy. Bathroom renovations run the gamut from quick aesthetic changes to a major overhaul.

Bathrooms also receive more use, wear, and tear than almost any other part of the home. When busy, one’s living room may go unused for long periods of time, but the bathroom is inevitably used daily. It may sound less glamorous than a kitchen or bedroom renovation, but bathroom renovations are critical. Why not make the space you must use daily as comfortable and beautiful as possible? At Blueground, we take the latest trends into consideration when updating apartments. We also keep your rental property’s bathroom in top shape with regular maintenance (requested by our tenants) and weekly cleaning (an add-on that tenants can also select).

Perhaps you’ve covered the basics of your bathroom and are wondering what’s in vogue. Read on for current bathroom renovation trends to try now.


Mirror mirror on the wall

blueground bathroom renovation dubai double sinks

Mirrors are a key component of any bathroom. Over time, humidity can also wreak havoc on mirrors. Changing them out is an easy way to renovate your bathroom. Consider updating old mirrors something more on trend. Sleek, minimal designs are never a bad way to go. Consider their function, as well. People tend to groom and prepare for the day in the bathroom. If the mirrors are old and small, replace them with something new, bright, and wide.


Mixed tiles

best bathroom renovations mixing tiles for clawfoot tub

Tiles are a classic bathroom go-to. Renovate yours by playing on the trend of combining different types of tiles of the same hue. You might mix a small honeycomb tile with something large and minimal. The result is easy on the eyes yet unconventional.


Update storage options

Bathrooms are functional spaces, and as such, they require storage. Adding storage is an easy bathroom renovation that can also be a selling point for your property. The more thoughtful your choices, the better. Consider something that maximizes your space such as a freestanding storage piece that doubles as decoration. Consider a standalone piece that frames the toilet. You might also build something into the wall, above the sink, or another part of the space that’s open.


Upgrade to a vessel sink

These beautiful sinks need not only exist in boutique hotels. Vessel sinks are statement pieces in and of themselves. If your sink needs an update, consider this stylish option. A sink update is one of the most critical bathroom renovations from both a functional and stylistic standpoint.


Make it steamy

Hop on board with the self-care trend by adding a steamer to your shower! Steamers make for a luxurious bathroom renovation that brings the spa right into your home. Install a trendy steamer as part of a major renovation or as a standalone addition.


Bold lighting

bathroom vanity with double sinks and mirrors and lights

Let’s face it, people spend a lot of time looking at themselves in the bathroom. Lighting is a critical component of any bathroom renovation project. Update bathroom lighting so it’s bright and stylish. This is a must for bathrooms that don’t receive natural light. Lighting can be added around mirrors, overhead, and freestanding on the walls.


Consider a freestanding tub

The freestanding tub trend continues to wow, statistically. Those with a distinctive taste will especially appreciate this touch. While showers are a must, adding a freestanding tub will appeal to the most high-end of prospective tenants. As with any renovation project, consider your market. Dubai’s high-end tenants want the best amenities. Business people who work long hours are especially interested in having a comfortable bathroom with extra amenities for comfort.

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