When Do You Need to Call a Locksmith in Dubai?

January 13, 2019

As a landlord in Dubai, your worst nightmare is getting a call in the middle of the night from a tenant who can’t access the apartment.

Whether it’s a simple lockout or something more serious, your first instinct might be to call the first Dubai locksmith you find on the internet.

However, this isn’t always the best course of action. These are a few examples of scenarios when you should and should not call a locksmith.


DO call a locksmith if the lock malfunctions

There are many ways that a lock can malfunction. The key might become stuck in the lock or break off entirely. The inside of the lock can also accumulate dust and grime or become stripped over time, causing it to no longer function.

Any of these scenarios are likely to result in a phone call from your tenant.

If your tenant does inform you of a malfunctioning lock, it’s best to simply call a local Dubai locksmith to diagnose and fix the problem.

Attempting to solve the issue yourself could cause even more damage and lead to bigger problems later on.

Save yourself the headache and leave it to a professional.


DO call a locksmith if the apartment has been broken into

Burglar forced entry

Experiencing a break-in is traumatic both for the tenant and for you as a landlord. Hopefully, the first thing the tenant does upon discovering the break-in is to call both you and the police.

No one should enter the apartment until the police have had a chance to collect evidence and clear the scene.

Once the chaos has settled, it’s important to call a locksmith to ensure the future security of the property.

There are two possible scenarios for how a break-in can occur:

1. The perpetrators forcibly enter the apartment.

If this is the case, the lock will most likely be damaged. You’ll probably need to have a locksmith change the entire lock and ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Unfortunately, this is also the more expensive of the scenarios.

2. The perpetrators enter with a copy of the key. In this case, you’ll simply need to have a locksmith re-key the lock instead of replacing the entire thing.

However, you should still ask the locksmith to do a thorough check to make sure no damage was sustained.

Once the new keys have been issued, make sure you get copies for the tenant as well as yourself.


DON’T call a locksmith right away for a simple lockout

The most common property issue related to locks and keys is tenant lockout.

Many times, especially if the lockout occurs at a late hour, the tenant or landlord may panic and call a locksmith immediately.

However, keep in mind that emergency locksmiths are incredibly expensive.

Before making a call, take a moment to discuss options with the tenant. Have they given a spare key to a friend or neighbor? Is it convenient for you to meet the tenant at the property or elsewhere to hand off a key?

Of course, there are scenarios where you may need to call a locksmith for a lockout.

However, it certainly should not be your first course of action.


DON’T call a locksmith to change the locks on a bad tenant without an eviction judgment

While every landlord does their best to thoroughly screen tenants before signing a lease, there’s always the chance that you end up with a bad one.

A tenant might stop paying rent or use the apartment for illegal activities such as forbidden subleasing or running a business.

In the worst-case scenario, you may even become concerned over potential damage to your property.

However, no matter how bad the situation, you can’t simply hire a Dubai locksmith to lock the tenant out of the apartment. This is against the landlord-tenant law in Dubai and can land you in a ton of legal trouble.

Here, you’ll have to file to have the tenant evicted through RERA and wait for a judge to issue an official eviction. Only have the locks changed after the official court-ordered date when you can resume control of the property.


DON’T call a locksmith without doing your due diligence

woman looking at her computer doing due diligence

Usually, when you encounter a situation in which you need to call a locksmith, there’s a time-sensitive issue at hand.

However, don’t just type “Dubai locksmith” into Google and call the first number you see.

There are a few steps you should take to make sure you hire a reputable locksmith who will do the work properly for a fair price.

  • Research locksmiths online. There are many websites, review platforms, and forums where you can evaluate a locksmith’s reputation. Read carefully through past customers’ experiences to screen for potential red flags.
  • Check license information. All locksmiths in Dubai must have a license, but that doesn’t mean each one that advertises their services does. Verify that the license is in good standing.
  • Compare quotes. Different locksmiths may quote vastly different prices, and some may even recommend more expensive solutions that aren’t necessary. Get a second and third opinion whenever possible.
  • Ask about a warranty. Any reputable locksmith should stand by their work, so find out how long they’re willing to guarantee their work for. If the same issue recurs within a couple of weeks, you shouldn’t have to pay twice.

Of course, the best way to get a good locksmith is to find one before you need one!

Ask around for recommendations and have a phone number ready to go in case of an emergency situation. You’ll thank yourself when you’re woken up in the middle of the night by a frantic call from your tenant.

No landlord ever wants to deal with having to call an emergency locksmith.

Thankfully, you don’t need to.

When you list your property with Blueground, you’ll hand over your landlord responsibilities to professionals who already have a reputable locksmith and dedicated staff on call to handle the issue.

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