What is eMart and How to Make a Smart Bid

December 6, 2019

If you’re a real estate professional interested in investing in a Dubai property, you need to know about eMart. This powerful platform makes buying and selling property throughout Dubai simple and more effective. Interested in acquiring some new property in the area? You’ll love using eMart.


What is eMart?

eMart is a central online marketplace for properties throughout Dubai. This online auction house of properties gives you a place to list properties or to purchase them. The platform is available to everyone with an interest in real estate properties. The simple design is very user-friendly.


How does eMart work?

eMart allows buyers and sellers to move properties around Dubai effectively. Fortunately, they make it easy to complete transactions online. The service allows sellers to list their properties, while buyers can see listings and place bids on them. It makes no difference whether you want to buy a property or sell it, you can do both on eMart. You become a member of the website, and use a simple form to list your properties.

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If you want to purchase properties, simply click on an attractive listing. Then look through the information presented and make a bid on the property. Once you have a bid in place, and nobody bids higher than you, the property is yours. If someone outbids you on a property, place another bid to remain competitive for the property listing.


Finding the right properties

The trick to finding interesting properties on eMart is to use all the built-in filters. There are filters for everything from the size of the property, the location of the property and the amenities that are included, to the price that you will be paying. Utilize all these different filter fields to make sure that you get a property that you believe will bring in the best value over time.

If you’re buying for yourself, you may already have your own specifications in mind. However, when purchasing an investment property with the idea to rent it out, you may use eMart differently. Desirable features for Dubai renters include a central location in Dubai Marina, JBR or DIFC, having one or two bedrooms, top building amenities and being part of a new build. Take the time to really narrow down the different property options that are available in your area. Make sure you don’t pay too much for a property, and that you are looking at the quality units that you’re interested in owning for future renting prospects.


Verify properties

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It’s crucial to verify any property with eMart before you place a bid. Meaning, looking over the different listings to see what features are being offered. Also, what sort of price range you are working with. Look into local properties that are similar in design and features. Avoid anything that’s listed too much compared to the standard market properties in your area. By following these steps, you can find out whether a property is worth more money than another one. In addition, ensure that you don’t bid more money than you can afford, for a place that isn’t worth it.


Bidding effectively

There are two different strategies that we recommend when placing bids on properties on eMart. The first is to bid on low-cost properties that don’t have any bids yet, and hope that the property cost remains low throughout the course of the auction so that you can get a good deal. The second strategy is to swoop in and place a bid on property listings that are almost complete. By placing the last bid you can obtain the property without spending more than the amount on the final bid, and you don’t have to worry about prices rising again and again in a bidding war with someone else. Both strategies can work well, but only if you place a bid on a property that’s worth the cost. Verify properties first, and only put a real money offer on any property after you are sure that you’ll be happy to purchase that property for the cost listed.

eMart is a powerful tool in Dubai for finding and bidding on properties. However, like most things, it’s only good if you know how to use it properly. If you learn how to use eMart to place reliable bids, you’ll begin to find properties that you actually want to purchase.

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