5 Benefits of Month-to-Month Rentals in Dubai

April 26, 2019

There is a myriad of reasons individuals come and stay in the beautiful Dubai. This gorgeous area has something to offer all types of people and many are looking for accommodations that make life easy and more enjoyable. As a landlord, you want a place for these individuals to stay that is comfortable and homey. However, many of these individuals are looking for short-term accommodations that offer suitable flexibility and convenience, rather than being forced to stay long-term. While you may be hesitant about month-to-month apartment rentals in Dubai, there are many benefits. Here are five of them.


1. Provides ample flexibility when dealing with tenants

You won’t always have picture-perfect tenants. There will be many renters who offer very little care or maintenance and your property and belongings will experience a ton of wear and tear. You may also have those that struggle to pay rent every year. Rather than fight these individuals month after month and deal with difficult tenants, you have more flexibility in controlling your rental. Evicting tenants can be a challenging, time-consuming, and costly process. However, when you choose short-term renting options, many of your renters will not stay for long periods of time. This prevents these unwanted and expensive evictions.

In addition, you have the ability to terminate the lease at any time. So if trouble does arise, you can put a stop to it right away.


2. Making policy changes are hassle-free

month to month apartment rentals contract

Another benefit to month-to-month apartment rentals in Dubai is that it offers opportunities to make changes to your rental policies. If you notice that various aspects of your rental agreement and policies need to change, such as repairs and maintenance requirements, restrictions on tenant activities, etc., you can make these changes easily in between tenants. This prevents making these changes to current tenants and causing unwanted disputes or disagreements.


3. Attractive offer for many tenants

Not only do short-term rentals in Dubai offer more flexibility as a landlord, but it is also more attractive to tenants as well. There are many reasons individuals may come to Dubai and many will only be there for a short time. Living accommodations such as hotels do not provide the comfortable, home-like atmosphere that these tenants desire. Month-to-month apartment rentals in Dubai are attractive as they allow individuals to move from place to place if needed and it gives them a more comfortable and gorgeous living environment.

When you collaborate with Blueground, your tenants can enjoy fully furnished apartments in gorgeous locations. We make sure all the comforts of home are taken care of for your tenants so they are satisfied with their stay and they have a place they can call home. With furnishing, tenant screening and maintenance is taken care of by Blueground, you truly have a means of passive income.


4. You can easily make updates and necessary maintenance

If you have an apartment that needs some TLC, it can be challenging and inconvenient to work with long-term renters to schedule a time to get into the home and make those repairs. It is even more difficult if you want to improve the look of the property, such as installing new flooring, painting, installing new appliances, etc. While you certainly don’t want the tenants to make any repairs, you don’t want to displace or inconvenience your current tenants to complete these tasks. However, when you have short-term accommodations, it gives you many opportunities in between tenants to come in and make the needed repairs.


5. You can make more money

a hand is holding UAE currency and passing it forward to someone wearing a suit and tie

Not only can you easily make changes to policies, but you can also make changes to deposits, fees, and monthly rent payments. As a landlord, you have the flexibility to make adjustments as you want and without upsetting those who are staying in your properties. This is one of the greatest benefits to short-term options as it gives you many opportunities to raise rent and make more money. Plus, many tenants expect that short-term places will cost more. This is because of the hassle of constantly filling in vacancies and paperwork processing.

Furthermore, you have more opportunities to stay up-to-date with the current rent trends in the area. You can offer prices that are attractive and meet the demands of the area without upsetting current tenants.

By offering month-to-month apartment rentals in Dubai, you are providing a sought-after housing option by expats and GCC residents. You also decrease the risk of having troublesome tenants who don’t pay rent or cause problems. Additionally, you have more opportunities to make changes to rental policies and you don’t have to inconvenience your current tenants if large maintenance or repairs are needed. Lastly, you can easily increase the rent, helping you make more money from a single property.

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