Trakheesi: How Does it Work?

April 8, 2020

Dubai is a prime destination for people from all over the world.

In fact, real estate in Dubai is itself a multi-million dollar market and very lucrative for investments. Those who want to live or learn about the real estate business in Dubai need to understand local property laws.

One word that you’ll hear again and again is Trakheesi. This is an online platform you’ll need to familiarize yourself with as soon as possible.

Trakheesi is a powerful tool that most realtors and property owners in Dubai benefit from. The site makes it possible to obtain licenses and agreements, without the high costs that lawyers charge.

Trakheesi is a tool that real estate professionals can qualify to use.

Meaning, without paying an added cost to make use of the service.

As long as you can obtain approval through the DED, you can acquire your very own license to use Trakheesi.


Enjoy full government integration

One of the biggest benefits of Trakheesi is that the system is fully integrated with the government database.

So, any documents and forms that you fill out using the platform will be updated in the government databases as well.

Working with a system like this speeds up the filing process. It ensures that all the critical real estate forms are linked to the right agencies.

Woman sitting with a laptop

Trakheesi makes it simple to work with key real estate and professional forms such as:

  • Papers to renew and issue Free Zone Licenses
  • Documents to issue, modify, renew or cancel Developer Licenses
  • Broker Card management documents
  • Deed licensing paperwork

There’s no need to keep calling the government or going to your local DED office to do all your paperwork. Simply handle all of those papers right online with Trakheesi.

You’ll speed up the process, and make owning property and being a real estate professional simpler and easier overall.


Handle real estate licenses

As a real estate agent or a property owner, one of the biggest difficulties that you’ll deal with is maintaining your licenses to work in Dubai.

That’s why Trakheesi is so beneficial. This platform makes it possible to renew or change up your license for a range of different services and professions all within minutes online.

You can very easily renew Free Zone licenses, Deed licenses, Developer licenses, and many others. All these different licenses take time to manage in person or in print, but only take moments when you handle them through Trakheesi.

Choose the license that you want and make the changes that you want or apply for a license right then and there. The platform can handle complicated license procedures. It’s all quick, easy, and user-friendly.


Pay for advertising permits

Man holding mobile phone and credit card

With Trakheesi you can also manage all the permits required to put up advertisements and to advertise your business to local citizens.

Whether you want to advertise by SMS, run a promotional campaign, or want to put up outdoor advertisements, you can easily get the permits and paperwork necessary to do those things filed away.

The platform makes it simple to handle all your advertising paperwork so that you can choose the ads that you are most interested in and get them up in place to promote your business.


Manage your licensing documents

Even if you don’t rely on Trakheesi to do things like update and change your licenses, you can use it to manage them all. Any license that would go through the DED will show up in the Trakheesi platform eventually.

You can easily print off new licenses and see information about your existing ones. Trakheesi allows you to manage them all in one location.


Get access today

Does Trakheesi sound like a beneficial platform for your company to use? Consider applying and trying to obtain access today. You can apply with the DED for access.

As long as you work in the real estate industry and the government believes that you would benefit from access to the platform, you should have no trouble qualifying for a license. Your new license will be sent out to you, and once you receive it you can begin accessing the platform and using all the different tools available.

There are many impressive features built into the software. Once you understand how to use it properly, there are countless capabilities.

Woman with many tall buildings in Dubai

Trakheesi is one of the most important tools that any real estate expert should have available to them.

If you deal with real estate licenses regularly, or you work with clients interested in these services, you can help make the process as simple as possible with Trakheesi. Take the time to learn how to use the platform and rely on its features to make your life easier.

Blueground is a property management company that’s familiar with Trakheesi and how to make use of the platform.

If you would like to have your property managed and updated properly, consider working with us. Outsource the work and make sure your rental properties are bringing in the best returns they can.

Contact Blueground today and find out what our team can do for you.

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