Landlord - Tenant Relationship

Comparing Tenant Referencing Sites: From Rent4Sure to Tenantdata

You have a wide choice of tenant referencing sites in the UK like NLA Tenant Check, Lettingref and Rent4Sure to access UK Tenant Data, we break down your options as

Explaining Different Types of UK Landlord Insurance

Learn how to navigate both the different coverages of landlord insurance in the UK but also the jargon attached to getting covered in case of legal action, damage, environmental disasters

Here’s What You’ll Find in a Winning Landlord Reference Letter

How do you know whether a potential renter is the right one for you? Read on to discover what to look for when reading a landlord reference letter and how

An Overview of UK Landlord Responsibilities

Everything you need to know about being a landlord and your responsibilities before, during and after a tenancy agreement.

Different Types of Tenancy Agreements

Understanding the different types of contracts that are available is essential for both landlords and tenants.

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