Landlord - Tenant Relationship

Top 10 Questions to Ask Tenants When Renting Out a House/Apartment

Are you a new landlord or someone who owns a second residence and is considering renting it out? There’s a […]

7 Proven Tips on How to Deal with Bad Tenants

When you are renting out your property you usually expect the tenants to be able to respect the terms of […]

How to Collect Rent Money & Get Paid on Time?

Having some issues with tenants and rental money? Let’s find out how to deal with them and how to collect […]

Your Ultimate Guide to California Tenants Rights

Landlords and tenants should know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to tenants’ rights in California.

Warning – This is What Illegal Actions Landlords Should Avoid

Keep your rental looking as good as possible, but don’t do anything illegal or discriminatory to accomplish that task.

Drawing up a Sublease Agreement

A sublease can benefit your business. If you choose to sublet, create a document with all the terms and conditions.

Good Tenants Start With a Good Credit Score

Not sure what a good credit score is? These scores will help you identify the best renters and find them for your unit.

How to Get a Free Public Criminal Record Check?

Here's a step by step guide on how you order a free public criminal record for an employment or a tenant application.

Legal Heat and Other Landlord Duties in Boston

New to being a landlord? Understand the responsibilities that must be abided by when renting out property in Boston.

Tenant Responsibilities: Rental Rules for Tenancy Agreements

In this article, we explain some of the mandatory rules to help reign in your tenants and reap in rental revenue.

Different Types of Short Term Leases

What type of contract is best for your rental properties? Here are short-term lease options and the pros and cons.

What Tenants Should Know About California Security Deposit Law?

New to property management in California? Here’s what you need to know about the regulations of the rental industry.

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