How To Make Your Tenant Feel At Home

September 12, 2018

So, you have properly screened tenants for your rental property. You’ve followed all the steps for creating a solid lease agreement. If you’ve asked the right questions, done your due diligence and selected only the best tenants, the hardest part is over.

As landlords, this is an exciting time! You’ve put in a lot of work and it’s about to pay off. Your business (the rental property) is about to have new customers (tenants). Now, the only issue at hand is how to keep the tenants staying in your property for the long-term. The key is to make the tenants feel at home in your property. If they feel happy and comfortable in your space, then they will stay longer. This is beneficial for your reputation as a landlord, and for your bank account.

The best property managers have top-notch communication skills and are friendly, approachable and helpful. Be sure to respond to your tenant requests in a timely manner and go the extra mile to make your tenants feel at home.


Creating warmth in every room

Experts say that warming up a space can help people feel an inherent sense of comfort and evoke emotions of joy and trust. One way to warm up the home during colder months is with rugs and plenty of textiles. Textiles are ideal for rentals as they are portable and can be switched up depending on season, aesthetic or mood. During the summer, your tenant could use lighter colors to make the room look bigger. Switch high pile rugs for flat-woven to cool down interior spaces with thinner textiles.


Personal art

Decorating can be a challenge when you’re renting. The simplest way to make your tenants feel at home is to encourage them to get creative with art. Feature art can bring your renter’s personality in and inject some color into their abode. Tenants should get permission from the landlord before putting anything up. Alternatively, they can simply lean artwork against the wall or hang paintings using adhesive strips, adhesive hooks or tape. Hanging family photos or personal pieces on the walls will help tenants feel much more at home in your space.


Bring the outdoors in

Plants are an easy and affordable way to breathe color and life into any space. Not only can plants make your tenants feel at home, but they can also make them feel happier and healthier. In the long-term, plants lower blood pressure and stress levels.

two glass bowl terrariums filled with succulents on a white surface with a white background

Opt for real or artificial flowers, low maintenance succulents, or even a miniature herb garden. There are tons of budget-friendly ways to decorate with plants. Additionally, if the rental property has poor ventilation, recommend some house plants that cleanse and purify the air.


Completely unpack

Encourage your tenants to unpack everything. This may seem trivial but is often overlooked. It reduces the downtime and stress that is associated with moving and helps them truly settle in. Once your tenants have unpacked and organized all of their belongings, the less likely it is they will want to leave.


Give local guidance

If your tenants are new to the area, they’ll likely feel overwhelmed trying to get a feel for the neighborhood. Ease these feelings by providing a few tips/suggestions to help the tenants navigate. This is also an opportunity for you to develop a more personal relationship with your renters. Tenants will want to know about restaurants, grocery stores, dry cleaning or even just a local cafe.


Keep up with property maintenance

When tenants are proud of the property they live in and are happy to invite guests over, they are far more likely to stay. No-one wants to pay for a property with stained carpets, a broken outdoor light and cracked tiles, so make sure that you stay up-to-date with preventative maintenance. This will hugely improve your tenant’s experience and will ensure that they don’t suffer the frustration of having to deal with items malfunctioning or breaking. Don’t forget the low-cost little touches that will improve your property’s aesthetic appeal, as they help to make a house feel more like a home and encourage tenants to put down some roots.


Offer incentives

Little gestures go a long way, especially in areas where tenants have more properties to choose from. When your renters first move in, try and perform some small gesture of goodwill, whether that’s providing your tenant with a package of moving day essentials or a bottle of wine. During the year, small measures, such as sending a Christmas or birthday card, help to create a human face and encourage loyalty. Introduce them to their neighbors, recommend cool spots in the neighborhood or even leave them a little gift when they move in.

a woman wearing a black dress with a floral print holds a bottle of wine with a gift ribbon on it which she is presenting to a woman with black hair and a white shirt who opened the door

The best property managers have top-notch communication skills and are friendly, approachable and helpful. Be sure to respond to your tenant requests in a timely manner and go the extra mile to make your tenants feel at home. The key to making your tenants feel at home is to encourage them to customize their space and create a comfortable, positive environment for themselves.


In conclusion

If your tenants decide to stay when their original tenancy expires, you’ll not only avoid months of lost rent and time spent searching for new tenants, but you’ll also bypass agency fees and the danger of signing a contract with unsavory replacements. Provided that they pay on time, keep up to date with any maintenance that they’re responsible for and don’t cause any problems, good tenants are worth their weight in gold, and you should do everything in your power to keep hold of them.

A well-maintained property isn’t just to appease tenants. It’s a good way of keeping the property value at maximum potential. It also inspires the tenants to take better care of their home, reducing the chances of major maintenance and repairs needing to be done. By taking care of the property, tenants feel that you are also taking care of them; and a tenant that feels valued and respected is far more likely to sign on for another term.

If you would rather have a professional property management company step in and handle every aspect of this long process, consider Blueground. We ensure that the landlords always receive rent on time and that every tenant enjoys their stay.

To acquire long-term tenants, consider what would make you happy if you were renting the property. Allowing renters to make your house their home may not guarantee you lifetime tenants, but it will at least give them no reason to leave if they don’t have to.

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