Why Your Tenants Shouldn’t Handle Home Repairs

November 8, 2018

Unless you want to earmark your rental business for extinction, never allow your tenants to handle the home repairs. If you are a busy landlord, this seems like an attractive way of saving you a little bit of time. However, one of the stipulated duties of a landlord is to deal with tenants’ repair requests. When entering into a tenancy agreement, the landlord must always ensure that the property is habitable. It must have basic utilities like water, electricity, air conditioning, etc. Functional sanitation like a bathroom and toilet are also a requirement. Overall the apartment should be structurally sound and safe to be occupied.

Read on to find out the problems with allowing a tenant to do repairs.


Unprofessional display

One of the problems with allowing tenants to make home improvements or repairs is that it makes you look like an amateur who does not respect their business. Why would you allow an individual who is not trained or registered to handle repairs for your biggest investment?  This robs you of the control and power. It looks professional when you are in control of your property. Use professional contractors to advance your rental business. As a landlord, you should never trust a tenant to do repairs because you can’t gauge the quality of the work they undertake. To make matters worse, you have no real recourse if things go south.


Alters the landlord-tenant dynamic

a smiling couple holds each other while their landlord stands across from them and hands them the keys

A landlord-tenant relationship is pegged and governed by monetary value hence creates a business arrangement. It’s a sort of trade where the tenant parts with money in exchange for a living place. When these boundaries are trampled on, then expectations aren’t easy to manage and enforce. If you show the tenant that you can give them any home repairs discount, you are opening a floodgate of issues which will have to be faced as time goes on.


Inflated liability

hand reaching up to wooden door and trying to turn the broken knob while it is coming off the hinge

Botched repairs can be extremely dangerous. Imagine a tenant conducting a major ceiling repair only for it to collapse. This may cause your liability to exponentially increase. Major repairs should only be handled by a registered contractor; otherwise, as the landlord, you risk getting sued for endangering the lives of the tenants.


Major structural adjustments

Allowing the tenant to work on home repairs can back you into a corner. While they may have good intentions, human nature will always find a way of interfering. For example, a tenant may decide to install a metallic door that will end up compromising the structural integrity of the house.


In conclusion

As a landlord, having a comprehensive maintenance routine is a must. This must be the case no matter how long your tenants stay on the property. At Blueground, we specialize in handling all aspects of maintenance and repairs, making it easier for you as a landlord. You’ll only have to step in when necessary.

As professionals in the industry, we know how to seamlessly handle repairs to the highest degree of professionalism and market expectations. As a landlord, always repair minor damages promptly even if the tenant is still inside. Once they move out, you can move ahead with the rest. Your tenant — and wallet — will thank you.

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