A Landlord’s Guide to Maintenance Problems & Common Tenant Complaints

November 14, 2018

Tending to tenant complaints and apartment maintenance problems can significantly impact your personal productivity. Not to mention, the profitability of your rental business. What if there was another way of handling tenant relations? What if you could seamlessly manage tenants’ complaints before they escalated?

Below is a simple step by step guide on how to field and manage the most common tenant complaints.



Noise complaints are one of the most prevalent problems. Let’s face it. When living in an apartment, a noisy neighbor can be an incredible nuisance. No landlord wants to receive late night calls from tenants complaining about your property. Start by talking to them and try to get to the bottom of the situation. Ask a number of neighbors whether they have been bothered by the noise. If you prove they are at fault, then inform them about the complaint and encourage them to work out a solution. Refer them to the noise clause in the tenancy agreement.

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Sometimes the bread isn’t always buttered on both sides. What if the noise isn’t actually coming from your apartment building? It’s from a neighboring apartment or establishment. Well, you can only do your best right? Ensure that your apartments are fervently insulated to reduce the noise.  Help make your tenants’ stay a little more comfortable. With that said, a noise complaint isn’t the end of the world. As a landlord, work to handle the matter of one-on-one with your tenant instead of letting it escalate.



Cases of minor damages will always crop up. No property is immune. Before renting out the apartment, create a database of the most common problems. For instance, New York can sometimes experience intense ice and snowstorms. This may cause the individual heating units to malfunction. So, look for guards to prevent such damages.

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Keeping in mind that the problem may recur after a certain period of time, ensure the tenant is well aware of such. Additionally, include it in the tenancy contract. Mention how to forward the complaint and how long it may take to rectify it.

Conduct an inventory with the tenant before they move in. Once they report on the same issue, conduct another inspection to establish whether it is a genuine complaint or due to negligence. Normally a landlord caters to maintenance problems. However, if they are minor repairs, the tenant may foot the bill.

It’s not always a good idea to let the tenant make the repairs. You don’t want them hiring an unskilled laborer who may end up causing further maintenance problems. After that, hire a contractor that fits with the tenant’s schedule. Follow up after the repairs to ensure tenant satisfaction. If you discover damage while they are moving out, agree that payment comes from their security deposit.


Unwanted pests

Bed bugs, rodents, mosquitoes, and houseflies can become a very big issue in your rental business. No hardworking tenant would want to live in an apartment infested with pests. As a landlord, look for a reputable exterminator to extirpate the unwanted critters and keep them from coming back.

blonde woman with white nail polish and a white shirt leans forward to show the mosquito bites she has on the back of her neck

To make life unbearable for the pests, ask the fumigators to return after a certain period to take care of the remnants of the Armageddon. Ensure that your tenant is fully satisfied and the pests are completely eliminated.


In conclusion

You don’t have to have decades of property management experience to learn how to handle maintenance problems. It’s a matter of being organized and proactive. Ensure you respond to concerns instantaneously, rectify the issues until the complaint is resolved. Alternatively, you can work with a company such as Blueground. We engage with tenants on your behalf. Let a team of seasoned professionals handle the minutiae of tenant relations and maintenance problems while you enjoy your passive income!

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