8 Easy Renovation Ideas That Add Value to Your Home

October 17, 2018

A home doesn’t need to be brand new to be attractive and sought-after by tenants. With several easy renovation ideas, you can turn your lackluster property into a modern looking gem while creating value. Your tenants will be happy with the improvements, and the market value of your home will improve as well.


1. Add a backsplash in the kitchen

“Improving your home is a solid investment at any level, but a great place to start is by upgrading either the kitchen or bath.” DIY Network

The kitchen is a space that many people cherish and spend a majority of their day in. Therefore, the investment you put into your kitchen typically pays off. To start, you can add a ceramic tile, natural stone, wood, or metal backsplash. There are several benefits to a backsplash including:

  • Makes cleanup easy, getting food off a painted wall can be nearly impossible
  • Prevents food splatters from absorbing into the wall
  • Adds flair and can serve as a focal point in the kitchen
  • Brings dimension into the area

Other kitchen renovation ideas to consider include, replacing countertops, putting an island in with a hanging pot rack overhead, and creating a look of open shelving, to be discussed next.


2. Take off some cabinet doors in the kitchen

To simplify the idea of tearing cabinets off the walls to add in open shelving, you can take off the cabinet doors instead. How can this idea add value to your tenants? Well, here’s how.

  • The kitchen appears more open and inviting
  • The appearance is welcoming to guests
  • Your stylish and colorful dishware gets showcased

To perform this renovation, you unscrew the hinges off the doors and then store them away, just in case you want to put them back up later on. On the flip side, if you love the new look, you can go one step further and perform the complete renovation by replacing the cabinets with shelving.


3. Revamp and modernize the bathroom

a spacious modern and minimal bathroom with wood paneling and a large white bathtub along the back wall

If your bathroom is in good shape and doesn’t require a complete overhaul, there are several ways to improve its appeal and functionality. You can restore or repaint the vanity, replace the sink faucet and toilet seat, add an under-mounted sink and a rain shower head, put in new tile flooring, freshen up with new grout lines, install shelving to improve the storage and add accessories for hanging towels.


4. Add crown molding and baseboards

When a home has crown molding and baseboards, it gives the room a high-end look. Crown molding serves as a transitional piece between the ceiling and wall, and baseboards are the transitional piece between the floor and wall. Bringing these elements into your home is simple and creates additional value.


5. Install a wall-mounted headboard in the bedroom

What better way to create warmth and comfort inside the bedroom, then by installing a wall-mounted headboard? Many well-designed headboards can be made using leather, polyester, suede, or velvet fabric. Being able to sit up in bed while using a tablet or reading a book is a lot more comfortable while learning up against a soft, firm headboard.


6. Update the hardware throughout the house

a white counter full of drawers with a modern, metal handle

Making easy changes to the hardware on cabinets, drawers, sinks, and doors is an inexpensive way to upgrade any space in the home. All it requires are some new faucets, doorknobs, drawer handles, and hinges. With these changes, the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom will look much more impressive.


7. Upgrade your apartment’s entryway

When you meet someone for the first time, their first impression usually sticks with you. The same goes for a rental home. When potential tenants view your home, the first thing they see is the front door and entryway. To make sure the first impression is a positive one, add a few statement pieces such as a beautiful welcome light, a colorful and bold rug, wooden trim around the door and a fresh coat of paint. A few other entryway renovation ideas include the installation of shelves with hooks for hanging jackets, scarves, hats, and more.


8. Refurbish or paint the flooring

Flooring is a vital part of the overall home’s appeal, so refinishing your hardwood floors, or painting the floor with a fresh and unique design can improve a room’s appearance. After updating the flooring, consider rearranging the furniture to open up the layout of your home. Also, try to use some of your furniture pieces to define a space, such as creating an office, or a reading room if you have a studio apartment.

Not everyone is a “do-it-yourself” type, and finding the right contractor or professional to help with these various renovation ideas can be a huge task. Blueground undertakes minor refurbishings and brought in their design team to equip hundreds of apartments around the world. Not only that, we screen tenants, handle any maintenance concerns, write up rental lease agreements, and manage the property for our clients. Blueground helps to ensure the rental process is stress-free for landlords.

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