What to Include on Your Home Maintenance Checklist

June 8, 2020

Maintaining anything, be it your health, home, or friendships takes effort. Keeping things up over time is much easier than letting them go completely, only to have to make dramatic, often expensive changes. When it comes to preserving your home, consistent maintenance is a must. It can be overwhelming knowing where to start, and all homes have different needs.

For example, a brand new building will have very different needs than an older home. If you own your own home, it’s a far different experience than if you lease and have someone who takes care of things. For many first time homeowners, adjusting takes time. Just make sure you are the one taking care of the maintenance issues, not the tenant.

Maintaining a comfortable, safe, and beautiful home is an essential component of property management.


Why home maintenance?

Firstly, maintenance is critical for both safety and comfort. For those who rent out their homes, it’s also important to keep up with the standards of the market. While a fresh coat of paint may or may not matter much to you, it makes a big difference in the marketability of your space.

It’s also a financial choice. A new versus old kitchen can make a huge difference in the value of your home. When you’re looking to rent or sell, you’ll want your home to be up to date with current trends and expectations in order for it to be more valuable. In general, the more up to date and in better shape things are, the more money you can make as a landlord. At Blueground, we always ensure that our spaces have appliances that are all in excellent condition. Home maintenance and home improvement range from basic or critical needs to maintaining the aesthetics of your space. So, we’ve put together an essential home maintenance checklist.

Read on for our comprehensive “essential home maintenance checklist,” which will make it easier than ever for you to maintain your home at its highest value.


1) A fresh coat of paint

a couple holds paint brushes ready to paint a room

Nothing brightens up a room like a fresh coat of paint. Even updating a shade of white, which tends to show stains and dirt over time is important. A fresh coat of paint can refresh and completely change a room for the best. Before listing your apartment, consider painting your space.


2) Lighting

Maintaining lighting is twofold. Firstly, you want to make sure your lighting fixtures are up to date. Do they provide enough light in your space? Can you or your tenants read easily without straining your eyes? It’s always worth considering whether your lighting is meeting your needs. For example, if you’d like to have the option to dim the lighting in your kitchen to help set a mood for the dinner parties you host.

The second aspect of lighting is preparing ahead. Meaning, simply keeping light bulbs around. If you always have backup light bulbs, you’re ready in case lights to go out. This is a very basic element of home maintenance that can easily be overlooked. With Blueground, tenants can easily contact us through our mobile app. They can quickly inform us about any issues that may come up.


3) Check your fire extinguishers

If you live in a space where it’s required to have a fire extinguisher, make sure you both have it and that it works! While most don’t have an expiration date, they often stop working after about ten years.


4) Drafty windows

Good quality windows should completely seal off your space from the outside when closed. Check them to ensure air isn’t entering through any cracks. When windows are not properly sealed, it can increase your heating and cooling bills, and affect the comfort level of your guests.


5) Pest prevention

No one really wants to think about pests in the home. However, if you don’t prepare, you’ll be forced to deal with them. No matter how nice and new your home may be, pest issues happen. Thankfully, many services exist to both prevent and take care of pesky pests.


6) Outdoor lighting

This is especially important if you have a standalone home, townhome, or own your building. Outdoor lighting maintains safety and helps keep crime at bay. In addition, you want your tenants to feel safe when returning home at night. Make sure you have ample outdoor lighting and change the bulbs frequently. Automatic lights are the best and easiest option, as they’re both energy efficient and guaranteed to come on.


7) Heating and cooling

Depending on where you are in the world, heating and cooling are a must. In places like New York City, having air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter is non-negotiable. Be sure your AC is working and up to standards. Tenants want to relax and find peace at home, not suffer in the heat.


8) Plumbing

Leaky pipes can drastically increase your water bill each month and result in some nasty home disasters. Hire a plumber or easily fix them yourself with a few turns of a wrench.


9) Appliances: are they up to date?

Especially when renting or selling your home, appliances matter. Both from a stylistic and functional perspective. Check that your appliances are up to date every couple of years. It’s also important to keep them clean so they stay in a functional condition.


10) Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

This is such a crucial safety measure. You don’t want to find that they don’t work during an emergency. Check them every six months, just to be sure.


11) Clean and store outdoor furniture

If you live in a space with a balcony or patio, be sure that furniture gets cleaned just like the inside of your home. Outdoor furniture gets dirty quickly, especially in large cities when exposed to the exhaust and dust from cars.

a wicker couch and chair with cushions and a wicker table outside

In conclusion, we highly recommend keeping your home maintenance checklist handy. It’s better to be prepared and to maintain than to have to make drastic, often expensive repairs after years of neglect. At Blueground, we handle all maintenance issues of our apartments at the highest level of market standards. Since we specialize in this field, we know what’s up to date and on-trend.

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