How to Find a Property Maintenance Professional to Trust with your Investments

November 29, 2018

Investment properties can offer an excellent living over time, but they can also be tiresome to maintain. Properties break over time, and those issues need to be repaired. Sometimes you’ll want to hire out to trade professionals like plumbers or electricians, but for something simple like changing out light bulbs, changing air filters, removing clogs and other basic maintenance tasks you wouldn’t want to pay trade professionals to do the work.

Instead, you would want to hire a property maintenance professional or outsource a team of professionals to handle these tasks for you. Unfortunately, finding good professionals for this sort of task can be time-consuming and complex. Below we explain how to find quality maintenance professionals to handle your important maintenance tasks, so you have the tools you need to keep your property running smoothly.


Save time and money with a property maintenance professional

two property maintenance professionals shaking hands with a new client

As a landlord with multiple properties, you are likely dealing with minor tasks on a regular basis. These are all tasks that are easy to do but can suck up your time and keep being a landlord from being enjoyable. That’s exactly why it makes so much sense to hire a property maintenance professional. These professionals understand how to do most basic maintenance and repair tasks and can handle them for you when you don’t have the time or the will to do them yourself.

Whether you need some drywall patched, a toilet unclogged, air filters replaced, a broken step repaired or some other simple maintenance task completed, these skilled laborers will understand how to complete the task and can handle the work for you. You’ll spend money on these professionals regularly to keep them working on your properties, but your homes will remain in better condition over time, suffer from fewer major failures and you’ll avoid paying high-cost trade experts to work on your properties more often. Ultimately, hiring one of these maintenance pros to work for your company over the long term will likely save you money, and will certainly save you time.


Ask your network

One of the first things to do is to ask your professional network for information about competent maintenance professionals. If you know other real estate professionals, chances are one of them can provide you with a solid lead for professional help. Make a list of any workers that you want to follow up with. Save it for later, once you are finished researching options.


Look in local ads

man sitting at a table reading a newspaper looking for a job in the local ads

Check the classified ads as well as newspapers and online databases for nearby property maintenance professionals. You can even put up an ad on a classified website such as Craigslist. You will hear back from people that believe they are well-suited for the job. Make a list of all the promising candidates to review later.


Talk and meet

So, now you have a list of possible candidates. It’s time to weed them out and narrow down the good ones. Start off by calling each of your candidates up and talking with them over the phone. Ask them questions about their experience and past jobs. Find out what qualifies them to be skilled maintenance workers. Explain the job a bit more and see if they are still interested. Do they seem like good, solid workers and like they have the necessary experience? Set a date to meet with them in person so that you can talk more and to really get to know them.


Check references

If you meet a worker in person and you really like them after the meeting, ask for some professional references from that person and talk with each of them. You want the references to explain how the person is good at maintenance tasks, but to also give you a better picture of the person’s character. Even if the references lie a bit while talking to you, you will learn a lot about the candidate from a short talk with people that they know professionally or are friends with.


Do a test run

One of the best ways for you to locate high-quality property maintenance professional workers is to hire someone that seems like a good fit on a trial basis. Put together a contract that allows you to bring in the professional to test them out. This gives you a chance to see how they handle the work, and you can judge whether or not the worker is capable of meeting the needs of the maintenance role in your company.

Hiring a property maintenance professional to help keep your investments in good shape and to save you time for management tasks is a good investment and something that you should seriously consider. If you don’t want to deal with maintenance tasks at all or manage someone else that handles them for you, you can always work with a company like Blueground instead.

At Blueground we handle all maintenance tasks for you so that you don’t have to worry about them. Our team of maintenance professionals keep your properties in good shape and running smoothly so that you can relax and collect your rent payment checks every month. On the tenant side, renters can easily request repairs via our mobile application and we will take care of dispatching a technician shortly after.

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