Forget Newspaper: 10 Must-Have Window Cleaning Supplies

April 8, 2019

When it comes to window cleaning supplies, professional property owners need to have more in their storage closet than just a newspaper.

Newsprint is a lot harder to come by these days and the secret ingredient that grandparents swear by has long been replaced. Newspapers no longer print with petroleum-based ink, which precisely what was responsible for the impeccable sheen that newsprint was reputed to produce when used on windows. Newspapers now use soy-based ink, which means that modern newsprint just doesn’t do the trick like it used to anymore.

Not only that, but the print will stick to window frames and leave a mess, especially if they’re white. Not to mention the load of junk that has to be dealt with after trying to clean all the windows on a property with this flimsy product. It would be a tedious job indeed trying to tackle all the surfaces in a large property sheet by sheet with newspaper. It would be even worse to find that you have to replace your whole window. A serious landlord needs to either outsource this kind of labor or invest in higher-quality window cleaning supplies.

So what is a more professional and efficient alternative to the old newspaper trick? Here are 10 essential window cleaning supplies that the professionals rely on to get the job done right and get it done quickly, too.


1. A high-quality squeegee

man wearing green overalls cleans the window with a high quality squeegee

A good squeegee should be the first weapon in any serious window washer’s arsenal. The reason is that it is incredibly fast and easy to use. This means that a squeegee is a good tool to handle multiple windows and big jobs. In addition, it is designed to leave windows and glass flawlessly shiny and streak-free. This is why it doesn’t hurt to have a few different sizes on hand to tackle different types of windows and surfaces.


2. Nylon scrubbing pad

Nylon scrubbing pads can handle the toughest stuck-on grime, stains, or whatever else without scratching the surface and will even work for removing bird droppings, paint, etc. They are especially good to have on hand for tough outdoor jobs.


3. A soft bristled brush

It’s always good to have a soft bristled brush on hand to help tackle any heavily soiled or especially grimy surfaces. Look for a brush with a handle that feels good to hold so that multiple windows can be tackled comfortably.


4. Window mop

This handy tool, also known as a cleaning wand, is a key thing to have on hand when it comes to handling multiple windows with the utmost efficiency. These tools are literally designed to clean windows, and often come with different types of sleeves and handle options for taking on different kinds of surfaces. Look for a model with a telescoping handle to easily get those hard-to-reach corners. These guys will help get the job done quickly and get it done well.


5. A microfiber cloth

While any soft-textured cloth or rag will do the job, a microfiber cloth is the best way to dry off any excess moisture and leave glass completely clear.


6. Window cleaning bucket

A bucket seems like a rather obvious tool to have around, but it is also indispensable. Keep in mind that the bucket needs to be long enough to fit a window wand comfortably and easily. Look for a rectangular-shaped bucket or one designed specifically for washing windows.


7. A sturdy ladder

Everyone who has ever washed windows knows that the top corners are difficult to reach, not to mention on those upper floors. The ideal ladder for washing windows is not only stable but has a platform at the top to hold a bucket and any other supplies.


8. A good detergent

Many are surprised to learn that most of the pros don’t actually use window-cleaning fluid. They use dish soap. This is because dish detergent is designed to stick to grease molecules, and therefore, does a great job leaving windows looking shiny and clean. It’s best to opt for an environmentally friendly, biodegradable version.


9. Try some vinegar

Vinegar is a classic window washing essential for a good reason. It can be used in place of detergent as a cleaning agent, and won’t leave any stray suds behind.


10. A utility belt

What is the best way to carry all of these supplies? A utility belt is a hands free-solution that means property owners don’t have to worry about dragging all their supplies around with them from window to window.

man wearing a white shirt standing with his hand on his hips wearing a utility belt with many tools and supplies

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