The Best Apartment Rental Sites in the U.S.

August 27, 2018

Nowadays you don’t really need a real estate agent to take you around and see what’s available on the market. Property owners have plenty of options when it comes to promoting vacant rentals online. Tenants seeking the perfect accommodations can directly access various rental sites with all the information about a vacancy.

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All major rental sites sort features based on price, location, size, amenities, lease term, and basic lifestyle preferences. We sifted through the best apartment rental sites to see which listing platforms work best. This list provides sites that make the search easier for tenants. They also make the property owners listings more attractive.



You have probably seen the clever subway advertisements for StreetEasy. They depict the stereotypical tenants of each New York neighborhood. StreatEasy feels more like an editorial site for city living, and maybe that’s just what their target audience is looking for. Before the search begins, the service offers neighborhood guides, tips, and advice. There is also a section on the latest trends in the rental marketplace. StreetEasy exclusively caters to New York City renters (including listing in the Hamptons and now parts of New Jersey). So this makes their platform a top choice for those listing and searching in the NYC area. If you are just searching within the five boroughs then this is one of the best apartment rental sites you can use.


Naked Apartments

A “no bells and whistles” search site. Naked Apartments simply does what its tagline suggests by listing “No-Fee + By Owner + Exclusive” properties. A great unique feature about NakedApartments is that they cut to the chase by showing you popular buildings to rent in, and the newest listings on their site. A really helpful section is the “popular search result list”. This shows trending queries so you can get an idea of what tenants are currently looking for. If you want to strip away all of the frills of the rental search process, NakedApartements is the best apartment rental site for you.



If you are trying to decide between the value of living in a private home or an apartment building, start with HotPads. Their sorting system lets you choose between apartments, condos, duplexes, townhouses and stand-alone homes in urban and suburban locales. This is a great alternative resource if you need to move across the country or to a different city.



Searching for a place can certainly feel like trekking through a jungle. On RentJungle, it’s all about the location of your rental as it pertains to where you need to be for work or education. This platform hosts listings in most cities across all fifty states and Canada. There are specific listings for students who are searching for housing near their university. Also, for military service members and their families looking for homes near an army base.



Another site that cuts to the chase. ForRent features a curated sorting system based on apartment size, economy, and lifestyle. Its simple layout and user-friendly interface make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. What makes their listings different is that their results are accompanied by a phone number. Meaning, you can contact the owner or broker directly to set up a viewing. This feature is great for people on the go who need to take action as soon as they find an apartment that fits their needs. ForRent is also available in Spanish by clicking Español on the toolbar.

A kitchen in a fully furnished apartment that is managed by Blueground. There is a white countertop with black and brown bar stools

There is a certain danger in providing your contact information online. Listing your property in a place that makes prospective tenants easy to find is great, but sometimes a buffer is needed. Collaborating with Blueground you have nothing to worry about as we handle every aspect of the renting process. Your apartment will not only be well furnished, but we take care of the back and forth between tenants and the paperwork so you don’t have to.

If you are a one-stop shopper then this the best apartment rental site you will find. Look here for a listing in any city in the country. From a small rural town to the center of Manhattan, this platform has thousands of options no matter where you are going. That said, it’s more than just a giant list of vacant apartments. is all about tailoring your next move to fit your lifestyle. You can easily sort through options with a one-click sorting system. Filter properties that are pet-friendly, close to work, equipped with the right amenities and much more.

The sorting system is pretty seamless, and their ‘Local Guide’ section will tell you all you need to know. For example, rent trends, attractions in the area, shopping, restaurants, and history of the city. If you are making a big move to a new location, is a top resource for much more than finding a new place to live.



“Making Apartment Hunting Suck Less” is the Padmapper tagline. It is very bold, but they seem to be living up to their hype. On this platform, it’s all about the neighborhoods. You start by selecting your city and then filtering your preferences. As you get more specific the options that meet your requirements pop up on a map. Their site also aggregates listings for short-term stays from Airbnb. If you need to keep your options open in regards to location, Padmapper helps ease the process of apartment hunting.

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