10 Best Software Apps for Landlords in 2021 (Features + Pricing)

July 24, 2021

If you’re a landlord managing one or more properties, it requires much effort to get the work done better and provide a better experience for your tenants.

For instance, you may have found that it’s difficult to keep all of your financial information, details about properties, and a list of your tenants and their contact information top of mind. 

One easy solution is using property management software for landlords. Using an all-in-one digital solution will help you consolidate your operations and avoid wasting time and effort on a day-to-day basis.

Today, we have rounded up the 10 best rental apps for landlords, considering not only the features they offer but the pricing.

Most importantly, each of these apps has its own unique advantages. The best choice for you depends on how many properties you manage and what features you’re looking for in apps for landlords.

Here we go!

1. AppFolio

Appfolio App

This easy-to-use landlord software is a great choice for almost anyone. AppFolio is designed for real estate investors and property managers with large portfolios, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for big operations. 

Above all, AppFolio has excellent features for smaller landlords, including single-family and multi-family rentals, furnished apartments rentals, as well as larger apartment buildings.


AppFolio’s Features

This powerful software package has everything landlords need to streamline processes and save time and money.

All in all, features include a platform for marketing individual properties and a tool for rental applications and leases that offers lease preparation and even online signatures. 

Also, like other leading rental apps for landlords, you can use AppFolio for background checks and tenant screening. You can even use AppFolio to handle maintenance requests from tenants or set up portals for tenants and building owners. 

AppFolio’s Pricing

The monthly cost for AppFolio starts at $250. There’s also a one-time sign-up fee for new customers.


AppFolio Review 2021

Finally, if you want to know a little more about AppFolio users’ experience, watch this detailed overview of the App from Brayden M. – a real estate property manager:


2. Buildium


One of the best property management software apps for landlords is Buildium, another complete software system for landlords and property managers. 

This tool is ideal for companies with entire portfolios of residential rentals, providers of student housing, and affordable housing communities. 


Buildium’s Features

This robust app for landlords has everything a property manager needs in one package. Key features include income and expense tracking and accounting, lease management, and online rent payment and processing. 

Also, Buildium includes optional property message boards so that your tenants can connect with each other.


Buildium’s Pricing

Buildium is a little pricier than some of the other best rental apps for landlords.

You can purchase the Essential package for $50 per month, or level up to the Premium tier for a minimum of $460 per month. Buildium offers a free trial period for new customers.


Buildium Overview 2021 

In the end, if you haven’t used the Buildium App, you can watch this video on YouTube below from Loren Wehmeyer (Wehmeyer Commercial). He provides quite a good overview of using the software for property managers and owners.



3. Propertyware


Another extremely popular rental app for landlords is Propertyware, an all-in-one solution for companies or investors with 250-plus properties. 

In addition to out-of-the-box payment solutions, this software package includes lead tracking and follow-up. This helps larger landlords keep track of potential tenants and even re-rent to former tenants.


Propertyware Features 

Propertyware’s sophisticated software lets landlords collect and manage rent online, screen tenants, and automate maintenance requests.

All in all, advanced features include accounting management and a vendor portal as well as marketing tools and even property listings syndication. 

Also, landlords and rental companies can use Propertyware for lead tracking and follow-up with potential tenants.


Propertyware Pricing

It’s not surprising that a feature-rich landlord app like Propertyware will cost you.

Overall, Propertyware has three pricing levels. The cheapest monthly plan costs $250, plus a set-up fee of $500.


4. LandlordStudio


Another one of the best property management software apps for landlords is LandlordStudio. It doesn’t have as many features as other apps on this list, but the low price makes it appealing. 

With LandlordStudio, tenants can pay rent directly online or landlords can opt to automatically charge them using the platform. This hassle-free payment option is a huge time-saver!

Also, there’s a handy dashboard that helps you keep track of properties and tenants and even some useful marketing tools.

LandlordStudio’s Features

LandlordStudio lets property managers create customizable emails and email reminders. There’s a financial dashboard, income tracking, and most important of all, online rent collection.

As with other apps for landlords, you also can use LandlordStudio to set up a tenant portal and conduct tenant screening. 


LandlordStudio’s Pricing 

There are no onboarding fees for LandlordStudio, and the first unit is free.

After that, the cost is $5.99 per month plus $1 for each additional unit.


5. Hemlane

Hemlane App

One of the most popular rental apps for landlords is Hemlane, a web-based software suite.

Although its features are more limited than products for enterprise-scale property managers, Hemlane has a variety of features that make it a great choice for small landlords.


Hemlane Features

Hemlane lets you automatically charge and collect rent from your tenants, and you can also use the product to screen applicants, including credit, criminal, and eviction reports, before committing to a lease. 

One unique feature of this landlord app is phone support for tenants.

Also, Hemlane offers marketing and communications, income and expense tracking, lease tracking, and can even charge your errant tenants automatic late fees.


Hemlane Pricing

A Hemlane subscription starts at $30 per month. Extra rental units cost $2 per month each. There are several tiers of service available.



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6. Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct

Another great option among apps for landlords is Rentec Direct. It’s a comprehensive software suite designed for property managers.

However, there’s no upfront cost to using the app, and the monthly fee is reasonable considering how much the software does on the back end. There’s even a landlord training module for anyone who is new to the leasing game.

In addition, to know a little more about Rentec Direct, here’s a video overview of them:


Rentec Direct Features

Rentec Direct lets landlords manage all types of payment online and creates detailed income and expense reports—it’s even compatible with Quickbooks.

You can use the app to advertise your properties, send and receive email and SMS messages from tenants and even create a free website for all of your rental properties.

Also, Rentec Direct supports tenant background checks, although there is an extra cost associated with each screening.


Rentec Direct Pricing

The cost for a Rentec Direct subscription starts at $35 per month for Rentec Pro.

However, for just an additional $5 each month users can upgrade to Rentec PM. Rentec Direct offers a two-week free trial.


7. TenantCloud


Another one of the best property management software apps for landlords is TenantCloud.

Like many other software apps in this arena, it offers online payment management, seamless communication with tenants, and a tool to build free websites to promote your properties.

All in all, there is a free version of TenantCloud, as well as a paid version that offers a few more bells and whistles.


Tenantcloud’s Features

TenantCloud offers online payments as well as full accounting capabilities. You can even generate printable reports.

In addition, the app makes it easy to email your tenants and even provides templates for common interactions. TenantCloud also offers online rental applications and tenant screening—but users must pay for each individual screening.


Tenantcloud’s Pricing

Using TenantCloud is absolutely free for a property manager or landlord with up to 75 units.

Also, the paid version offers more functionality, and subscriptions start at $9 per month. Note that tenant screening in TenantCloud costs $25 per use, whether you are a free or premium subscriber.


8. ResMan

Resman App

If you’re looking for one of the most comprehensive apps for landlords, ResMan is a solid contender. This feature-rich software is best for property managers with large portfolios, ideally 100 units or more. 

Above all, ResMan goes well beyond the basics, acting as an end-to-end solution for diverse property-management needs.


Resman Features

ResMan is a complete solution for landlords, with everything from accounting to billing and invoicing to insurance management included under one banner.

Like other popular rental apps for landlords, ResMan has a complete online payments solution and will even automatically calculate late fees when tenants fail to pay rent on time.

Also, there’s a lease management interface and free live chat support.


Resman Pricing

Unlike many of its competitors, ResMan does not offer flat-rate subscriptions. Pricing is custom and determined by ResMan’s dedicated customer success team.

However, a free trial is available for new customers.


9. Stessa

Tessa landlord app

Another great app for landlords is Stessa, a feature-rich property management solution for anyone who rents apartments or condominiums. Stessa allows users to automate many processes, saving time and hassle.

Best of all, the app is free to use for landlords with fewer than 1,000 active properties.

So if you’re new in the industry, you can start from Stessa.


Stessa’s Features

Stessa has many of the same features as other rental apps for landlords.

However, it’s important to note that it’s meant to replace your accounting software, not act as an all-in-one solution. The app lets you track expenses and payments, and you can monitor property performance at both the property and portfolio levels.

Also, Stessa also lets users export tax-ready financial reports to make filing taxes that much easier.


Stessa’s Pricing

Stessa is absolutely free for landlords with small and medium portfolios. The premium version, designed for professional investors, costs $1,000 per month.


Stessa Overview & Review

Finally, to know more about Stessa property management software, you can watch this video below:


10. Entrata

Entrata Core

Last but certainly not least is Entrata, another of the best software apps for landlords.


Simply because this all-in-one property management solution offers users CRM, marketing, leasing, and unit management capabilities for customers.


Entrata’s Features

Entrata offers to track for accounting, vendors, inspections, and leasing. The app’s marketing functionality includes automated listing services, data analytics, and digital marketing tools to make lead management easy.

Also, Entrata’s open APIs make it easy to integrate the software with other apps and third-party solutions. 


Entrata’s Pricing

Entrata’s pricing model is customized for each user. Subscriptions start at a base rate of $1 per month. 



Whichever one of the 10 best property management software apps for landlords you choose, it’s important to weigh the cost against convenience. 

Some apps are better for small landlords, while others are ideal for property managers with large portfolios. Consider both features and pricing of each of these apps for landlords before making your choice.

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