Understanding the Importance of Outsourcing: Here are the Tasks You Should Hire Out

November 28, 2018

Running a single rental property is time-consuming and at times stressful. Running multiple rental properties without extra help is downright overwhelming and actually a poor business practice. Below we explain why outsourcing tasks like housekeeping services, maintenance work, painting, marketing, and apartment cleaning are essential. It can improve the quality of your business, the quality of your life and help you to become more profitable than ever. 


Tasks you should be hiring out

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There are some tasks that you can choose to handle yourself or to hire out, and other tasks that really pay to hire out. Below we offer a summary of some of the most important tasks to hire out to other professionals to handle. Complex repairs or repairs that require in-depth trade knowledge should always be hired out. In addition, time-consuming repair, maintenance and cleaning tasks. The tasks that need to be completed quickly (such as a deep cleaning after tenants move out) should also be outsourced to ensure it is handled rapidly.

  • Housekeeping services
    • Stairwell cleaning
    • Lawn mowing, garden maintenance, leaf collection
    • Snow removal
  • Apartment cleaning
    • Deep cleaning apartments between tenants
  • Maintenance and Minor Repairs
    • Fixing leaky pipes
    • Removing minor plumbing clogs
    • Swapping minor fixtures (toilet, electric oven, washer, and dryer)
    • Gutter cleanout
    • Siding patch & repair from a professional siding contractor
  • Plumbing
    • Swapping plumbing fixtures
    • Fixing major pipe clogs
    • Adding shut-off valves
    • Installing natural gas appliances
  • Electrical
    • Installing new outlets
    • Upgrading the electrical service panel
    • Resolving electrical problems.
  • Painting and drywall repair
    • Patching damaged walls
    • Repainting after tenants move out
  • Accounting
    • Managing tax requirements for properties
    • Maintaining an expense account
  • Marketing and property listings
    • Professional photography and staging
    • Listing copywriting
    • Updating availability across sites


Save yourself time and money

Outsourcing common property management tasks saves a great deal of time and money. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that hiring professionals to handle property management tasks will save time because they will be doing tasks that you once did yourself. Some landlords are caught off guard when they realize that hiring these professionals actually results in money saved.

Having a set of talented professionals working on your properties can help keep them in better shape, can keep your tenants happier and will reduce your property turnover rates. You’ll spend less money marketing your properties and will enjoy better occupancy rates over time which will often more than make up for the cost of the added professionals that you’re now paying for. If you have a large portfolio of properties to manage, a good team of experts can save you substantial time and some money as well.


Improve your tenant experience

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One of the best measures of a good landlord is how happy their tenants are. Quality landlords have happy tenants that are sad to leave the rental properties. Poor landlords have unhappy tenants that leave the properties as soon as possible. By working with professionals like apartment cleaning experts you can keep your properties in better shape. Even if you are highly skilled at most maintenance and cleaning tasks, it’s still nearly impossible to meet all tenant needs promptly on your own, especially when managing multiple properties.


Give your business a more professional look

A sure sign of an amateur business is a company where the owner handles every task by themselves. It makes you look like a small-time company if you are going over to your property to do something like change light bulbs or unclog a toilet. Also, working alone means you’ll likely force your tenants to wait longer than necessary. As a serious investor, it’s up to you to ensure that your renters receive a top-level of service, which means quick maintenance and repairs. Whether you are preparing a new rental unit in between tenants and hire housekeeping services to prepare the space, or you need to swap out some appliances and you hire a maintenance expert for the task, you need good people working on your business to keep it running smoothly and to ensure that everyone gets the best quality of service.


Handle many properties effectively

One of the key issues standing in the way of landlords obtaining more properties and running them all successfully is not understanding how to outsource work. You can’t own a dozen different properties and still take care of all their needs yourself when considering the complexity of requests and the geographic spread of your properties. It’s overwhelming, time-consuming and you’re almost guaranteeing that some of those property needs aren’t being met satisfactorily.

By outsourcing tasks like housekeeping services, apartment cleaning, maintenance, accounting and painting you can keep all your rental units in good shape, and you can minimize the work that you need to do for each of them. Just ensure you take the time to find the right professionals to fill all these roles. Otherwise, you could actually do more harm to your business than good.

Making the decision to outsource tasks like apartment cleaning, painting, maintenance, marketing and more will make your life easier. It will transform you into a more proficient landlord as well. It’s a major step, and it can be a bit intimidating to trust others to help manage your property, but it’s a step that every landlord needs to take. If you don’t want to oversee properties or handle hiring, you can always hire a company like Blueground to handle everything for you. Talk with one of our representatives at Blueground and find out how we can handle most of your property management tasks for you to make owning rental properties simpler than ever.

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